61/365 Being a high schooler is not easy

I am now in high school and many people feel like when you are a high schooler, you have all of the freedom in the world. And whenever you feel like your overwhelmed by something, adults sometimes don’t understand. First of all, high school is super different and the homework is going to be huge. On the second day of school, I was already assigned homework and on the first week of school, we already had a date for our next quiz, and we can’t just skip that, other wise your parents are gonna ground you for a long time. Another thing is that my parents always tell me that I am stressing a lot of any classwork or homework. I don’t understand why adults say that we are just overreacting about their child stressing about homework. I mean yeah, some adults give tips in order for you to do fun stuff, as well as academic stuff. I want to know if this ever happens to you and whether you ever like it when adults, parents or other people say to not stress about something that could change your future.

60/365 Homework is bad

Homework, every school students’ nightmare. Homework is known to make learning better and easier for many people. But, why do all teachers assign homework? Now, I want to tell you all who started this nightmare that is called, “Homework”. An Italian pedagog Roberto Nevilis, is known to be the inventor of homework. And the reason why Roberto invented homework, was to punish his students, and mostly it was for the lazy people. So, let’s get this straight, homework was mainly invented to be a punishment. But nowadays, we are having homework every single day. Does that mean that the teachers are punishing us everyday even though we, the students, haven’t really done anything? Wow, homework is such a jerk. Another this I don’t like about homework is that it can be so time consuming. Say if you are on a very hard question and this homework assignment is due tomorrow, 12:00 AM. However, you only got about 10% done with your homework, so now you stress and this is where you get very mad at teachers. And that is fair, but something that I have learned from my family and other people is that, homework is going to always be part of your life until you have graduated from college. And, you should never stress over homework, because you will be able to finish it at the end…hopefully. But I think with teachers giving out assignments every 19 minutes, sometimes it can lead to someone having a burnout. I think the problem is that teachers sometimes don’t realize that middle school and high school students have many more classes that give out the same, if not, more amounts of homework and that it’s putting a lot of pressure on them. But that’s why there are time tables. Manage your time and you won’t have a problem! And…that’s one thing I still need to work on.

59/365 I don’t know what to write…Never Mind! :D

It’s 11:18 PM, I am so sleepy, but I remembered that I have to write a post for today and I don’t have anything to write about. Normally I would sleep at 10 or 10:30, but today I am sleeping late, and the main reason why is homework. I had a project that was due this Friday, and I wasn’t able to find the information that I needed for the project. I also had to make flash cards for my Spanish 1 class because of of quiz. Ok, why are high school teachers already assigning homework on the second week of school? I know that it’s September, and that’s when schools start to actually work, but we are already having a lot of homework from other classes which sucks. And because of that, this is where teachers love to slowly tick off the students. “Hey everyone, we have a quiz tomorrow and after that we have another big test the next day”. Why is this a thing, why do teachers do this? I bet even the staff nor the teachers liked it when this stuff happens. Yet they do it for us? I want to know, are there ever times where school just makes you stress or anxious? Wait a minute, I just wrote about a topic! I wrote about school and how it stresses many people! I am changing the title right now!

58/365 September 1st, was tiring…

As I am writing this, it is the first day of September and usually the first day of September would be fun, and don’t get me wrong it was, however there was also some not so fun stuff that happened. I had a math quiz, false fire alarms and a play that I auditioned for. Oh, I have an idea, why not I tell you guys about the false fire alarms, and my audition! Now that is a great plan, let us start with the false fire alarm. When I was in English class, I was typing out my 500 word memoir, I suddenly hear this annoying ringing sound. And it was very familiar, and it didn’t take long to realize that this ringing was coming from the fire alarm. Everyone was super confused, even the teacher. The teacher said that there wasn’t supposed to be a fire drill today. I was super confused so I just followed the teacher and everyone else outside the school. There was no smoke coming from anywhere, so I thought that they were seeing if the bell worked. Me and my friends were talking, when we heard a loud siren sound, that was when we knew that this isn’t a drill, this was an actual fire. OR SO YOU WOULD THINK! Because as soon as the fire truck came into the parking lot, it drove away. That alarm was a false alarm and this false alarm went off two more times, one after school, and one during the audition.

This was a second audition for people who were called back. I was really excited for this because I really wanted to see how the script was. And from there, I realized that it was basically a 64 paged packet. And this script was the entire play. We all took turns saying different lines. After some time, it was time to go home. I am very excited for the play. And now I am ready for a nap. Good Night!

57/365 I am auditioning for a play in my school!!!

Do you have a little passion for acting? Do you want to show your talent on a big stage? Do you want to act for a play at your high school? Me too, and that’s just what happened. I wanted to be part of a play called, “A Wrinkle In Time”. and as I am writing this, I have already done the audition and I will tell you how the audition went. The audition went like this. I had to show up at a time where I was comfortable, so I went at 5:00 PM. When I went there, I opened the door and immediately closed it since the other group wasn’t done with their audition. When I was able to go in, I was the only person who signed up to come to the class at 5:00 PM. Since that was how it was, I was told that I would have all of the attention. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I had some of the play helpers come up and helped me with lines. After that was done, I was told to act like a scary tree, so I acted like a scary tree. After that, I was told to act and walk like a beast with many tentacles. When I did it, the teacher liked it and said that I could come back for a second audition, and yes that is a good thing. I am so happy and excited, wish me luck!

56/365 Do I have enough time for clubs in school?

Do you want to be an amazing student for your first year back in school? Do you also want to pursue your passion and join clubs that resonate with that passion? Me too…though there’s a slight problem with that. Time management, what does that mean? Time management is when someone organizes their time to do more important stuff, like homework or a big project. Now, I am that kind of person that will procrastinate and then realize that I now have 20 mins to get my homework done. Isn’t the life of a procrastinator great? But the reason why I bring up this title is because in my school, there is a play called, “A Wrinkle In Time”. And I wanted to be a part of it, but then I realized that the rehearsals would be ending at 6:00 at night. And, being in in-person school, means that the teachers will be giving out lots of homework. So having to do rehearsals right after school, then immediately coming home to finish up lots of homework, isn’t really great.

My parents tell me that I don’t have to stress out about homework, but I don’t get why they say that, because, high school is the big school till college. That’s why it’s called, “high school”, I am someone who thinks that if they don’t get a good grade, then it’s the end of it. I also think that I can only do stuff that I like, only if I do my work. But for high school, if you want to join a club, you would have to do your homework before the club starts, and then rush over to the club. I am not that person since I can only do my work on my laptop, and I don’t want to bring it to school. But, I am going to see if I can be able to balance out my academic and passions, because in life, it’s all about balance.

55/365 Helping my sister move in to her college house

College house? That’s a terrible name. But yes, my family helped my sister move into her new house for college. Going to the house was very challenging, now I know some of you guys are probably saying to yourself, “Rahi, that’s a bit overdramatic”. In my defense, it was the weathers’ fault. It was so hot that the AC in the car was so hot and when it got cold, I still felt like I was riding a car in the middle of the desert. So ride was going great! We decided to go to a sushi restaurant and the food was amazing. When we came to the house, we got greeted by some people and then my family started to build the bed. We also did some more exploring of the new house. We started making the bed and things were going well, we followed the instructions, we told a few jokes, I cried one time. And then we made the bed and decided that we all deserved some yummy, cold, sweet, scrumptious ice cream. What? Did I go too far? Anyway, we went to this one ice cream shop where it had amazing ice cream. I was reading out the ice cream flavors to my mom, but I guess I was too loud, that the man in front of us said, “I think we already read it”. I was so embarrassed because I wasn’t even talking to the man so yeah that happened. And I got Cookies & Cream ice cream with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. After that, we went home and I started to write my post that I posted yesterday, so you guys can check it out if you haven’t.

54/365 What effects do cigarette and alcohol advertising have on young people?

By the look of this title, you might be saying that this is quite different from what I usually talk about. And you are kinda right. Smoking is something that a lot of people in their late teens, or adults do. Now, if you know what smoking is made out of, I think you would decide not to do it. Even though it seems tempting, it’s really bad for your help. Many young people might know about the consequences but want to do it because they would make them look cool or tough. After a few puffs of the cigarette, you won’t be feeling tough, you would be fighting for your life. Nicotine, is a drug that is very addictive and researchers have found that smoking one cigarette, just one, can get someone addicted to it. Now, there are many reasons why people will want to smoke, either from peer pressure or because their friends do it. If you answer that being cool is the reason why you do smoking, then that’s just sad. When you are fighting for your life, then you won’t look so cool anymore. Now, some young people might not smoke but they can try to drink alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is a type of beverage that some adults drink. Now does alcohol taste bad? I don’t know, why am I asking myself this question when I’ve never had alcohol before? I know that having alcohol sometimes is ok, but it’s only ok for adults. And those adults have to be 21 or older. If young people want to drink, the reason is that it makes them feel good and that there are many flavors for these beverages. For cocktails, they would put soft drinks like soda and fruit juice, but will also add alcohol. If young people drink alcohol, then they might be experiencing depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Now, this is only if they continuously drink, but this is still bad to do. If you drink before the age of 21, then that is a crime called, “underaged drinking”. Doing drugs at a young age is very dangerous, but young people sometimes do it because other people are doing it.

53/365 My first high school rally

It was alright. Since it is still a pandemic, we had to watch it as a livestream. Seriously, why does the pandemic have to ruin everything that is fun. You want to hangout with friends, you want to go to a party, you want to go to a park, you want to socialize like a living, breathing human being, and you can’t do that because of the pandemic. The rally would’ve been much better and I will tell you why. In the livestream, if you played a sport, you could text answers from questions to a certain number. And, we couldn’t even hear the question since all of the big kids in the back of the class, yelled and talked so loud that none us or themselves could hear the questions. But, we did get to see a lot of performances. We got see a Spanish dance from the Mecha club and we saw some magic tricks from one student. We also got an introduction to all of the sports teams, I’m talking about volleyball, tennis, football, and…that’s it. They didn’t show many sports but nonetheless the rally was still fun, even though it had to be online because of a certain pandemic. Another thing that they showed was the Blue Crew, doing the smoothie challenge, and yes it was very gross. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that they added some barbecue sauce, pickles, and some fruit which is not bad, but the other stuff were. This post is short since not much happened in the video but it was pretty, interesting?

52/365 Crying doesn’t make you weak

We all cry sometimes. Crying is part of life and there is nothing you can do about it. Crying is also a part of our emotions and how we feel. Now, I don’t consider myself a sad person, but I would say that I have cried a lot of times. Sometimes it was if I injured or hurt myself, or if something I heard was emotional. Many people look down on people who cry all the time, but I would actually try to console them. I know some people who would just brush away the crying and would just say that they are crying for a very small thing. There have been times where someone would call me a cry baby or someone that cries a lot for dumb things. Even though if sometimes someone is crying over something small, that doesn’t make them weak. Let me set an example for all of you, to get the big picture.

You just got a D or a C on your school assignment from any class. You aren’t really good at this class and you start to feel overwhelmed when the teacher starts having bigger expectations on you and you start to feel the pressure on you and it’s too much to handle. Crying is something you might do, people will say that crying for getting a C or a D is something stupid and that you should learn to toughen up. Now, I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed through school, or through school work. It’s hard, and honestly, adults don’t always make it easy. Some people, I feel don’t really know how to handle issues where people are crying about something, and they are trying to console us, but then they say that we shouldn’t cry over a stupid reason. My mom is one person in my family who can console anyone in the right way. She listens to why we are sad and consoles us, no matter how small or big the reason is. Crying is kind of a healthier way of coping yourself and saying that it’s all gonna be alright. You can cry all of you stress, bothers, worries away and you would feel fine after sometime.