71/365 I am tired

I am so tired from rehearsals and from school today. Now that I have to stay at school at 6:30 PM, and I have to stay in a classroom for 2 whole hours, there are times where I want to relax. Oh but wait, you can’t relax just yet, you have to do your homework that you didn’t do until the day of the due date. Of course this is fake, I didn’t actually do this today. I have been getting tired and a wanting to relax for a long time. The only time I can actually relax is in the weekends which, thank god. High school makes a lot of people tired, lots of work, studying for tests and quizzes and going to extracurricular activities can make someone tired. Now, it is important that you take a break every now and then. The problem for me is that I take so many breaks that I don’t even get my work done. But also another thing about me is getting tired from stressing about school work and quizzes/tests, and you might be thinking, then why don’t you just stop being stressed. Believe me when I say it, there is a half of our brain that tells us to chill and that everything is not really a big deal, but then there is monster called stress that is basically saying, “Your telling him to chill? Well what if I say no!?” and then you go into a spiral. Stressing over something is so tiring, which is why I am going to sleep. Good Night.

70/365 Trends

Trends are a big part in social media. Trends mostly come when one thing starts to gain fame, like, memes. When that thing turns into a trend, it comes and goes so fast. I remember when the dance called “the floss” was super popular, and literally everyone did it in 2017. But soon when it was 2019, I decided to finally do the dance, and people looked at me and say, “Rahi, that trend is over, that dance is so 2017.” I haven’t been keeping up with many trends so far, but I do remember one video that proves my point in the funniest way possible. There is a YouTube Channel called, “The Land Of The Boggs”, by the way go check them out. They had an animation, where it showed a blue bean trying to keep up with all of the latest trends, but trends move so fast, and the blue bean is getting a bit mad and annoyed.

Trends move fast, like probably faster than the Flash. If there was a trend that said that skinny jeans is the new look, well now in 14 minutes, baggy jeans are the new look. Of course I am just exaggerating, but do you see where I am getting at here? Trends come and go like the wind. They grow fame in a short amount of time and then they lose fame in a much shorter amount of time. Trends are big with dances, types of clothing, or even hobbies and types of videos or content that you consume. Like how Fortnite was so popular in 6th grade, well now it’s dead and nobody plays it anymore.

69/365 Games

Games have been a part of our history for a long time. It’s really cool to think that back then, the most popular game was a ball, and now the most popular games are happening on the consoles. Games are meant to keep everyone entertained, I mean sure, there is something called YouTube, but who wants to see amazing content that people put hard work into just so their fans can see it, right? I have played many games, video games, outside games and I have always enjoyed them. I remember one game that my sister and I came up with in the summer. Since the weather wanted to cook everyone into sunny side ups, my sister and I decided to play sports, but this time, we add water. We would play badminton, and if either of us misses the birdie, then we would have cold water poured onto our heads. This game was lots of fun, however, because there is still a drought and climate change, we decided to probably leave the game until it is best to play.

There are, of course, many types of video/online games. There are many video/online games, Smash Bros, Mario, Undertale, the dinosaur game that you would play on google when you are not connected to the internet and other stuff. I have played lots of Smash Bros games, and Mario games I rarely played. Now of course there are many famous games like Fortnite and other games that many people played, but I am that kind of person that doesn’t really follow trends. When the Floss, the dance, was popular I didn’t do that dance after 2 or 3 years of its fame. Fortnite I have never played and never will, because I just do not see the enjoyment for these kinds of games. Man, trends go by so fast. I’ll make my next post about trends, so prepare for that. Anyways, I love games and I always have, what do think of games?

68/365 Hanging out with the entire gang

Yesterday, I got to hangout with an entire gang of friends. Now this was actually really exciting since I got to see all of my friends at the same time. Now let me tell you why we wanted to meet in the first place, after our last visit at my house, we decided that our next meeting will be to watch the new Marvel movie called, Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings. Now, I don’t think you guys are ready for this movie, but this movie is probably one of my favorite Marvel movies. This is the first time that they added an Asian superhero to be part of a huge franchise like Marvel. While we were watching the movie, I felt that the back of my chair was getting hotter and hotter, soon it got so hot that my back felt like it was burning. Turns out, I accidentally pressed the heat button to the color red, hooray for minor inconveniences. After the movie, we decided to go to a BB&Q that one friend was hosting. However, when we came out of the theater, we got a call from one of the parents that said if the kids can eat something from outside since they were out of food. First of all, the BB&Q started at 6:30 PM, and we came out of the theater and it is 6:40 PM. We didn’t know what to do, so one guy thought that it would be amazing if we all ate at a very fancy resturant.

The only problem, was that there was 17 people in our group and waiting to be seated will take another 15 mins. So we just decided to go too In&Out. After that, we went to the BB&Q and ate the burgers and fries. After that for dessert, we decided to go to Yogurt Land and an Ice cream place which I forgot the name was. While we were walking to the ice cream place, some of my friends spotted a little black kitten next to us in the bushes, I wanted to gain its trust, so I did started meowing at the cat, and the cat was meowing back at me. I really wanted to take it and take care of it, but it looked healthy, and my sister said that it probably already has a home, but seeing this little cat all alone, I started to cry. This is what happens, when you have soft spot for animals. I cried about 3 times when I finally calmed down and just went to the ice cream shop. After that, my sister and I went home, and I had lots of fun with my friends. And I am so excited for the next meeting, but one thing that everyone should know is that an amazing friendship always finds away to regain connection and communication.

67/365 Rehearsals

As I am writing this, it is right now the time where we rehearse for the play. We are currently doing some sort of movement in the rehearsals and we are moving like the wind, trees, and bushes. For some of my blog post, I will just give you guys some behind the scenes of this play. Let me tell you one thing that happened…but first I have this other thing I wanted to tell you all. While I was outside the drama room, I was eating some blueberry yogurt and me and one other girl, heard loud music coming from a room. We were curious to see where it was coming from, so we followed the sound and found that it was coming from the dance studio. But the weird thing is that, the dancers weren’t even dancing, they were just sitting down and listening to the music. Anyways, for the actual rehearsal part, I was put into this group of five, and we were supposed to act out as the trees and the wind. I was one character for a short while, and I was falling around the place because I had to act like I was being swept away by the wind. After that, we got to show our little act to the other cast members and the director, and they all really liked it. After that whole rehearsal thing, the cast members and I decided to go to T Pumps which is a milk tea and boba tea place. I didn’t really feel like trying boba or milk tea, so I just got a chocolate slushy, and it was really good. I am very excited about next rehearsal.

66/365 Making Youtube Videos

So…I haven’t posted on my Youtube channel in like over a month. Wow, talk about consistency. My next video, I already have it planned out, I just need to find a time to record it. I haven’t been posting or uploading many videos because…well I am now part of high school. And high school does not mess around, no, no. As I am writing this, I have been assigned with three homework assignments, and it is getting late so I can’t do all of them. But, with high school starting, I am thinking about how I will be able to make videos. “Rahi, you can make videos on the weekends”, you might be asking, but one thing is that, I am also currently rehearsing for a play…(I will make a post and video about that in December). And with that big play, I want to be able to memorize my lines, which will be hard, but I’ll survive I’m sure of it. Doing Youtube is really fun, but it’s about being able to find time to actually make content. Now before you guys go blame me, my puppets also are the ones to blame. They are basically lazy and say that they will do a video next month. Don’t worry, a new video is coming soon.

65/365 Being the only person in my friend group to go to a different school. And I am not liking the feeling.

In my friend group, I am literally the only person in that group that is going to a different high school. For the sake of not saying the actual school, I will call it school one and school two. School One is the high school that my friends went too. And I was also planning to go to that school too, however, I found out that School Two had more art opportunities so I decided to go to that school. And honestly, it is the best school I have ever been to. Sure there are mountains of homework, but everyone is so kind and I even got to make friends. One thing that I don’t like is that whenever I want to talk to my group of friends, I can’t really talk about anything since they are at another school and they are talking amongst themselves about School One, and I can’t really communicate with any of them. But I am happy that I go to School Two, because I get to see new people and make new friends.

64/365 The Owl House Review

The Owl House is an animated, Disney series that has been getting super popular ever since January of 2020. I didn’t hear about the show in middle school since I think the reason why was that it was just starting and it was just airing so it wasn’t that popular. But ever since the summer of 2021, I found out about the Owl House and immediately got attached to it. I soon found other people who also liked the show. Now if you guys want a summary of the show then here you go. Luz Noceda is a human who isn’t like the other kids in her school and found a door to a fantasy land where she meets Eda, King and Hooty, as well as other characters. This show is literally a timeline since all of the episodes, ok maybe not all of the episodes but most of the episodes actually connect with the whole plot as well as the entire show and events. Recently, I have been waiting for the rest of Season 2, and I hope that the creators make an extended Season 3 instead of a short one. I recommend this show for all ages, it is really amazing, and if you like magic and fantasies, then you should definitely watch it. I am giving this show, 5/5 stars. I think it would make an amazing movie.

63/365 Boredom

Being bored is one of the worst feelings ever. I mean, there’s way worst, but they are at least one of the worst feelings. No one likes being bored. No one does, if you like being bored, then…ok. I can’t really say you are a bad person if you like something that many other people might not like. Anyway, being bored is…well…boring. Say if you are in your room, and you have nothing planned out. You ask your parents, “Hey, do you guys want to do something today?” “Oh, sorry, but we have other stuff to do like work.” Next thing you know, you start to feel bored. Now I know a lot of people will say that you should find something to keep yourself occupied…but what if you tried everything, and you still feel bored? After that, the whole family will have to do something together, otherwise, you are going to feel bored for the rest of the day, and nobody wants that. I heard that the brain will need to feel bored for sometime to be able to sort things out in the mind.

You might be saying why I am having this as my topic. Well the main reason that should be obvious is that, I am bored. As I am writing this, I feel like doing something fun, but my entire family wants to stay inside because we did do a lot of stuff on Saturday and Sunday. But for me, I kinda have this feeling that, if I did some something fun in one day and we don’t do anything fun the next day…I feel very sad and bored. Being bored is part of life, and I can’t really do anything about it.

62/365 Seeing friends again

I am an extrovert. I like having friends, and I like to hangout with them. However ever since this whole pandemic happened, I have been missing my friends for a long time. I can’t meet some of them because they all either moved cause of the pandemic, or they just stopped talking to me. When 8th grade came, I was ready to still have friendships with some people, by having meetings with them, and just chatting with them online. However, when the school year was ending, I was not able to talk to any of my friends and I started to feel a little lonely. I wasn’t really talking to many of my friends anyways, but whenever I do want to, they never respond back. I just thought that they had their own things to do, and I respected that. So for sometime, I haven’t talked to many of my friends and I did feel sad.

Fortunately, this Saturday, I was able to meet a lot of my friends that I wasn’t able to see or hangout with for a long time. It has been years since we have seen each other and it is nice that we get to catch up about stuff in life. We played lots of games and had lots of fun. And when the hangout was ending, we actually decided when we would have our next hangout. I was really happy when I heard that because that meant I get to see my friends more than once. Seeing my friends again was really happy, joyful, and amazing. I always want to make new friends, and even though I know that most of the time we don’t get to hangout, I am still excited for the times that I do get to hangout with my friends. And in life, you are going to lose many friends that you loved, but then, you will gain new friends. It’s like how the world gains a new virus every 5 years or more…ok, that’s actually not a great comparison.