61/365 Being a high schooler is not easy

I am now in high school and many people feel like when you are a high schooler, you have all of the freedom in the world. And whenever you feel like your overwhelmed by something, adults sometimes don’t understand. First of all, high school is super different and the homework is going to be huge. On the second day of school, I was already assigned homework and on the first week of school, we already had a date for our next quiz, and we can’t just skip that, other wise your parents are gonna ground you for a long time. Another thing is that my parents always tell me that I am stressing a lot of any classwork or homework. I don’t understand why adults say that we are just overreacting about their child stressing about homework. I mean yeah, some adults give tips in order for you to do fun stuff, as well as academic stuff. I want to know if this ever happens to you and whether you ever like it when adults, parents or other people say to not stress about something that could change your future.


One thought on “61/365 Being a high schooler is not easy

  1. Rahi, like I mentioned in my comments to your previous blog, these homework makes you explore beyond what the school has taught, or ascertain what you have learnt at school. It is quite sad that it is adding stress to your daily life. However, on the bright side, this teaches you skills of stress management, planning, scheduling etc. It is true that you might have to cut down some of your hobbies or entertainment to prioritize homework. The school is prepping you for the future. Otherwise if you land in uni one day and is loaded with lots of stuff, you’ll have a break down at that time. Even though those days can be a bit stressful, it will turn interesting coz a) you will mostly be studying and discussing things with friends at campus or hostel, and b) you will be pursuing a course of your interest. And then finally, when you land a job, these skills will also help you meet deadlines. Oh boy! Life would have been much easier if that apple didn’t fall on Newton guy’s head, and if Archimedes didn’t take a bath…

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