60/365 Homework is bad

Homework, every school students’ nightmare. Homework is known to make learning better and easier for many people. But, why do all teachers assign homework? Now, I want to tell you all who started this nightmare that is called, “Homework”. An Italian pedagog Roberto Nevilis, is known to be the inventor of homework. And the reason why Roberto invented homework, was to punish his students, and mostly it was for the lazy people. So, let’s get this straight, homework was mainly invented to be a punishment. But nowadays, we are having homework every single day. Does that mean that the teachers are punishing us everyday even though we, the students, haven’t really done anything? Wow, homework is such a jerk. Another this I don’t like about homework is that it can be so time consuming. Say if you are on a very hard question and this homework assignment is due tomorrow, 12:00 AM. However, you only got about 10% done with your homework, so now you stress and this is where you get very mad at teachers. And that is fair, but something that I have learned from my family and other people is that, homework is going to always be part of your life until you have graduated from college. And, you should never stress over homework, because you will be able to finish it at the end…hopefully. But I think with teachers giving out assignments every 19 minutes, sometimes it can lead to someone having a burnout. I think the problem is that teachers sometimes don’t realize that middle school and high school students have many more classes that give out the same, if not, more amounts of homework and that it’s putting a lot of pressure on them. But that’s why there are time tables. Manage your time and you won’t have a problem! And…that’s one thing I still need to work on.


One thought on “60/365 Homework is bad

  1. I agree with your Rahi. There could be two reasons why homework is given. One might be to make sure the kids think and practice what was taught in school, the other would be to make kids do some self-research to explore beyond what was taught at school so that perhaps 20% of extra content is self-learnt by the student thus reducing the burden on the school. But the real question is, why is the education system so particular that every student should have learnt trigonometry and calculus before they finish high school? Same goes with various topics of physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography etc. I have never been able to understand why every child needs to learn all this stuff and are gauged based on this learning whether they are smart or not. Yet, the kids are not taught the real useful stuff, like how to manage your finances, or how to be a responsible citizen, or how to manage people etc… Sometimes I feel that’s how the business of education goes. Sometimes my daughter Amna likes to learn beyond what’s taught in class; but I can’t encourage her spending more time on that leaving behind other subjects. Trust me, if a student decides to dedicate his time learning Math, all the Math you learn in school between Year 5 to Year 12 can be learnt within 1-2 years by the child himself. Do you know something Rahi? In Dubai, I met this Pakistani family where they have 3 kids, all of them home schooled, and they complete entire high school topics by the age of 11 and the eldest one is now doing her PhD at the age of 18. But it sounded scary to me as well, coz sometimes kids have to be kids. I know it’s all too confusing, even for me. But sadly that’s how the business of education goes. I say when you become the President, you should appoint Sam as the Education Minister and make some serious reforms, globally!

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