54/365 What effects do cigarette and alcohol advertising have on young people?

By the look of this title, you might be saying that this is quite different from what I usually talk about. And you are kinda right. Smoking is something that a lot of people in their late teens, or adults do. Now, if you know what smoking is made out of, I think you would decide not to do it. Even though it seems tempting, it’s really bad for your help. Many young people might know about the consequences but want to do it because they would make them look cool or tough. After a few puffs of the cigarette, you won’t be feeling tough, you would be fighting for your life. Nicotine, is a drug that is very addictive and researchers have found that smoking one cigarette, just one, can get someone addicted to it. Now, there are many reasons why people will want to smoke, either from peer pressure or because their friends do it. If you answer that being cool is the reason why you do smoking, then that’s just sad. When you are fighting for your life, then you won’t look so cool anymore. Now, some young people might not smoke but they can try to drink alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is a type of beverage that some adults drink. Now does alcohol taste bad? I don’t know, why am I asking myself this question when I’ve never had alcohol before? I know that having alcohol sometimes is ok, but it’s only ok for adults. And those adults have to be 21 or older. If young people want to drink, the reason is that it makes them feel good and that there are many flavors for these beverages. For cocktails, they would put soft drinks like soda and fruit juice, but will also add alcohol. If young people drink alcohol, then they might be experiencing depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Now, this is only if they continuously drink, but this is still bad to do. If you drink before the age of 21, then that is a crime called, “underaged drinking”. Doing drugs at a young age is very dangerous, but young people sometimes do it because other people are doing it.


One thought on “54/365 What effects do cigarette and alcohol advertising have on young people?

  1. Anything is dangerous once you exceed limits, including watching TV, listening to music, driving, eating food etc. But then there are things like smoking or drinking that can harm you from day 1 of its use. Most important thing you should know and develop is the ability to have self control on what ever you do; otherwise that action will start taking control over you.

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