53/365 My first high school rally

It was alright. Since it is still a pandemic, we had to watch it as a livestream. Seriously, why does the pandemic have to ruin everything that is fun. You want to hangout with friends, you want to go to a party, you want to go to a park, you want to socialize like a living, breathing human being, and you can’t do that because of the pandemic. The rally would’ve been much better and I will tell you why. In the livestream, if you played a sport, you could text answers from questions to a certain number. And, we couldn’t even hear the question since all of the big kids in the back of the class, yelled and talked so loud that none us or themselves could hear the questions. But, we did get to see a lot of performances. We got see a Spanish dance from the Mecha club and we saw some magic tricks from one student. We also got an introduction to all of the sports teams, I’m talking about volleyball, tennis, football, and…that’s it. They didn’t show many sports but nonetheless the rally was still fun, even though it had to be online because of a certain pandemic. Another thing that they showed was the Blue Crew, doing the smoothie challenge, and yes it was very gross. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that they added some barbecue sauce, pickles, and some fruit which is not bad, but the other stuff were. This post is short since not much happened in the video but it was pretty, interesting?


One thought on “53/365 My first high school rally

  1. Come to think of those who graduated from universities last year. Most universities did online ceremony, and those students who dremt of this special day had to cheer online sitting in their living rooms.

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