92/365 It’s my birthday!!!

I am going to turn 15. When I’m 15 and a half, that means I can get my permit for driving. That’s…scary. I have always said that driving is pretty scary…and that’s true. But I also can’t wait to finally drive my friends and myself to school! I mean, I technically have to wait another year to get my license, but I can’t wait another ENTIRE YEAR. My birthday this year is going to be different, since I am gonna celebrate my birthday with my dad and my dog. My sister will be at college, and my mom is at India because of an event. But when everyone comes back, we will have a fun time. I do have some birthday stories that I want to share with all of you so let’s start with my 6th birthday.

When I was about 3-6 years old, my birthday parties were always at my house. I would invite my friends and my parents would bring a bouncy house. One birthday, I was jumping with my friend who we will call, Ariana. Now, Ariana and I were best friends and I was going crazy since I was having lots of fun. I said that I was gonna give her a kiss. OK. OK. OK, I know there is going to be one of you guys that are going to say that I had a crush on this girl, no I did not! And to be frank, this was an FRIENDLY kiss, ok? Anyway, I kissed her on the cheek, and then all of a sudden, I felt awkward for the rest of the party. Ariana would always, back in my elementary school, ask me, “Do you remember the time you kissed me at your party?” And it would be so awkward and embarrassing that I actually ended up getting mad at her. We’re now good.

More birthday parties that I remembered were my 7-11th birthday parties. I remembered these ones, because they were held in the same place, Rockín Jump. There’s not that much to say since all we did was jump, ate, did a casual battle to the death with foam noodles. So let’s move on to my one party that had nothing to do with Rockín Jump.

My 12th birthday was at John’s Incredible Pizza Palace. I heard that this place was actually good. My sister thought otherwise, and my parents didn’t know about this place. Long story short, my parents hated that place. I found it ok, but I also thought it was a bit too much. The ice cream machine for vanilla just gave me white goop. But I am just glad that I got to spend my birthday with my family and friends.

I am very excited to turn 15, and I am excited for my birthday. There’s much more to come, so I will look forward to all of them.


91/365 Mythology

Mythology is pretty cool. When I was in 6th grade, I started finding numerous stories of mythology, specifically Indian mythology. I have memorized countless stories like Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Goddess Durga and more! But, when I see the videos in mythology, there is something that I have found that is weird. Whenever a villain was meeting its end, the narrator would almost always describe every second of them dying. I just…I want to know if the villains could hear the narrator describe every second of them dying, and the villains are thinking, “I get it, yes I see blood coming out of my mouth just let me die in peace!” And then the narrator will say, “So and so is dead.” Yeah, no kidding Sherlock, of course they died, you just explained how they were meeting their end. I have told many stories like this one to my friends and they actually really like them. Whether you believe in those stories or not, mythology shows the culture and life of some people in those countries. In many of the videos that talk about the stories, they make the villains look very creepy, but also peculiar. For one story, this villain looked like a guy in the front, but when we saw his side, he looks like a girl. Also for Krishna, I cleverly came up with the perfect nickname, “Butter Boy”.

90/365 My 90th post and a new addition of the family

Hello everyone! Wow, this is my 90th post, this is amazing. Now, as you have seen in the title, a new person is in this little family. Hmmm, who can that be? Everyone, welcome my new puppy, Ginger. Ginger is 14 weeks old and she is a little cute puppy. My family and I have gotten Ginger on January 15th. I have been telling literally EVERYONE that I know about Ginger. Ginger is a german shepherd and pit bull mix. The first few days of having Ginger, they were stressful, but also the best days ever. After my previous dog Reyna passed away, the house felt empty without a furry friend, so it was just really nice to have another dog with us. We thought this dog was going to be chill just like Reyna. And, oh my god were we wrong. She has got endless energy. She would constantly bite us because she is teething and she would bark a lot during the day. At night, my dog would sleep and wouldn’t howl or bark at night while everyone else was sleeping. She is an amazing dog, and I am glad that we got to rescue her, and we can now give her a good life.

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Musical!

EVERYONE! I have exciting news! I am now in a school musical called You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. YGMCA is about this kid named Charlie Brown, and basically his life. I have landed the role called, “Woodstock”. Woodstock doesn’t have much to do, but apparently, I don’t do ANYTHING! This is why. Since this is a musical we have acting class, vocal class, and dance class. For dance class, I have no dance moves and I just sit in the corner, which is really boring. So whenever the others dance, I dance too. Look, I don’t care if I am not following the steps, if my role just sits at a dog house, then at least let me move instead of just sitting there. For this musical, we have two cast groups. The Blockheads and the Good Griefs. I am part of the Blockheads, and the Woodstock in the Good Griefs, also agreed that they basically do nothing. I do get to sing, but that is really all I do besides flap my wings. However, I am very excited for opening which is in April. I will update you guys on how the musical goes.

89/365 Rest in peace Reyna…

On January 5th, my dog Reyna passed away. Now, I want to write this blog post about Reyna, since talking about something that is bothering you is a healthy way of coping. If you have seen my post about Reyna, you would know that my family and I got her when she was 5. I was so happy to get Reyna. When we got Reyna, my family and I were used to having only four people in the house. But now, we have a 5th person. Reyna, was a funny dog and Reyna actually means queen in Spanish. Reyna had some other health issues before she passed away. When we had Reyna for only 6 months, she started to pee blood. When we took her to the vet, they said that she had bladder stones, and that was very sad. Reyna had to get surgery and thankfully, everything went well. However, when I was starting middle school, Reyna had two bumps in her chest and also had to get surgery for that. And none of them weren’t serious. But soon, Reyna’s time came. Reyna was the best dog ever and she had been through so much with her previous owners, as well as going through surgery twice. It was hard to see Reyna, when she was at her worst. When she passed, I broke down right there. Reyna has always been an amazing dog, and still is the best dog. She was a sassy, happy, loving and caring dog. Without her, the house feels empty. But I know that she will be connected with us someway. She was the first dog I ever had, and she had bought my family together.

87/365 Why I have been away, and Christmas

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t written for two weeks and there is a reason why. The first reason is because of the play and the second reason is that I was studying and stressing out for finals.(BTW it did not go well) Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about Christmas. I already talked about Christmas in one of my other posts, but I want to talk about the presents that I got at midnight of today. And you heard that right, we opened our presents at midnight. Why? It’s because waiting till morning is too long and also, why not. I got a lot of stuff like an Owl House shirt, a new game for my Nintendo Switch, a pair of Harry Potter socks, a Marauders Map blanket, a red scarf and dinosaur slippers. I really liked all of my presents. But I am sad that Christmas is done.

There aren’t that many stuff to do since my family can’t go for vacation because of this stupid pandemic. And also I still have to do work because of school. At least I had a good Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to everyone, and I can’t wait for this terrible year to end. See you in 2022!

86/365 My first Wrinkle in Time show

Hello everyone! My first play performance went really well! And here is what happened. As some of you people know I am the character, Charles Wallace. I was eager to see what my costume was, and then I wasn’t so eager to see it. My shirt is a polo shirt that had hot dogs, ketchup and mustard bottles, all over the entire shirt. When I think of Charles Wallace, I think of him having a sweater vest with a white shirt or really any color. But instead, I get stuck with the most weirdest and most random costume ever, like…why? I remember that even the people in the cast of that production didn’t like my costume, and we tried lots of stuff to convince them to change the costume, but to no avail, it didn’t work. But now the costume is kinda growing on me…great.

Anyway, I have some stuff to tell you guys about the play, so let me tell you them. I won’t spoil the story because you guys should know that, so yeah. During opening night, which was on Friday, I was very stoked. My parents came to see the play, and this was a theater with about 100 people so I was excited. Some people might get stage fright, but I have performed for small crowds, medium crowds, internet crowds, that I was pumped. We started the show off and it was amazing. Soon it was time for me to go in. As I was acting, there is one thing you should know about me. I smile, WAY too much. I find a lot of stuff funny, and as I was acting, I was trying so hard not to laugh since it was still weird to see everyone’s faces with the clear face masks. Oh yeah did I mention the clear face masks?

The clear face masks were pretty uncomfortable, I remember getting headaches every time I came home, and I would just do some homework, take a bath and sleep, because I was so tired. I soon got used to it so it is fine now. Another thing I want to talk about are the times that we mess up, we all have done it.

If you are a theater kid, chances are that you have your fair share of mess ups. I remember that there was a time during one rehearsal that my friend kept on sliding their hands from my arm. And it was almost like they were trying to pull a rope but the rope was slippery. They kept on doing that and me and my friend just started laughing. Our teacher wasn’t too happy, but they were cool with it. Ok we are WAY off track, so let me go back to the night of the opening night. I don’t want to spoil anything from the story, but there was something that I would do backstage. One of my friends was saying to me after that whenever I went backstage, I was visible, so people can see me standing, so I decided that I had to stay out of the light. Yes, I may be a vampire.

The show was fun, we made people laugh, people liked our acting, and we were on with our next four shows. I have more shows coming up, so I am very excited for that.

85/365 My animation is done

The long-awaited animation is done. That’s right, my fan-made animation of the song called, Red, is out. I have been working hard on this animation and I think it was worth the 3 month wait. This is the link to the video, if you want to check it out.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8JXyzoZwoQ

This animation was made in one animation app called “Flipaclip”. This animation is basically a fan-made animated music video. This was the first big animation that I posted on Youtube, so I really hope you guys enjoy it if you do plan on seeing it. I have a million animations that I haven’t finished, and some that I haven’t even started, but I might be able to finish them in a month, or a year, or a decade or a century. Animation takes a long time. So that’s why I am looking forward to winter break.

84/365 Why I think Christmas is better than Thanksgiving >:D

In my opinion, Christmas has more of a wonderful, and nice feeling. Thanksgiving is just the one time of the year to get fat. And, yes I agree, there are some stuff that people are thankful for, but I am certain that many people like to get presents on Christmas. I am a Christmas fan, I have been for a long time. So, I might be a little bias, but I don’t care, let’s get started.

Christmas has more of a positive mood to it. I just love the feeling of everyone being merry and seeing all of the colors for Christmas. Hearing the Christmas carols and seeing the Christmas tree just fills me up with happiness and energy.

Now on to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving does not have a good history. As you know, when Colonials came to America, they took over the Native American’s land, and killed many of the tribes there. From some of the Native Americans, the colonies learned how to harvest food, and then they made Thanksgiving. Hasn’t it occurred to you that Thanksgiving celebrated for people being thankful. Does that mean that the pilgrims were thankful for the Native Americans for teaching them harvesting, even though they killed them? More mysteries I have to find out myself.

I also just love Christmas for its atmosphere and the good vibes it gives out. I am so excited for December for two reasons. 1. It’s because it’s going to be my play, and I’m excited. And two, because I want to wear a lot of Christmas clothing.

That is the reason why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.


I have been working on an animated music video and it is taking so long. Doing animation takes about 10 years. Actually no, 100 years, actually, it’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. I see people’s animations, and they look so easy. And then you try to do it, and you ended up thinking about smashing your tablet. I am on frame 444, and in total, I have 2,610 frames. This is what I call stress, I am hoping to finish it by the end of this month. But now I don’t know why I put that deadline on myself, because there is thing called school, homework, responsibilities, conflicts, rehearsals, and not having enough time. I am going to work harder on Thanksgiving Break. Wish me luck. We’ll see if I am still alive, from working my butt off.