59/365 I don’t know what to write…Never Mind! :D

It’s 11:18 PM, I am so sleepy, but I remembered that I have to write a post for today and I don’t have anything to write about. Normally I would sleep at 10 or 10:30, but today I am sleeping late, and the main reason why is homework. I had a project that was due this Friday, and I wasn’t able to find the information that I needed for the project. I also had to make flash cards for my Spanish 1 class because of of quiz. Ok, why are high school teachers already assigning homework on the second week of school? I know that it’s September, and that’s when schools start to actually work, but we are already having a lot of homework from other classes which sucks. And because of that, this is where teachers love to slowly tick off the students. “Hey everyone, we have a quiz tomorrow and after that we have another big test the next day”. Why is this a thing, why do teachers do this? I bet even the staff nor the teachers liked it when this stuff happens. Yet they do it for us? I want to know, are there ever times where school just makes you stress or anxious? Wait a minute, I just wrote about a topic! I wrote about school and how it stresses many people! I am changing the title right now!