57/365 I am auditioning for a play in my school!!!

Do you have a little passion for acting? Do you want to show your talent on a big stage? Do you want to act for a play at your high school? Me too, and that’s just what happened. I wanted to be part of a play called, “A Wrinkle In Time”. and as I am writing this, I have already done the audition and I will tell you how the audition went. The audition went like this. I had to show up at a time where I was comfortable, so I went at 5:00 PM. When I went there, I opened the door and immediately closed it since the other group wasn’t done with their audition. When I was able to go in, I was the only person who signed up to come to the class at 5:00 PM. Since that was how it was, I was told that I would have all of the attention. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I had some of the play helpers come up and helped me with lines. After that was done, I was told to act like a scary tree, so I acted like a scary tree. After that, I was told to act and walk like a beast with many tentacles. When I did it, the teacher liked it and said that I could come back for a second audition, and yes that is a good thing. I am so happy and excited, wish me luck!


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