59/365 I don’t know what to write…Never Mind! :D

It’s 11:18 PM, I am so sleepy, but I remembered that I have to write a post for today and I don’t have anything to write about. Normally I would sleep at 10 or 10:30, but today I am sleeping late, and the main reason why is homework. I had a project that was due this Friday, and I wasn’t able to find the information that I needed for the project. I also had to make flash cards for my Spanish 1 class because of of quiz. Ok, why are high school teachers already assigning homework on the second week of school? I know that it’s September, and that’s when schools start to actually work, but we are already having a lot of homework from other classes which sucks. And because of that, this is where teachers love to slowly tick off the students. “Hey everyone, we have a quiz tomorrow and after that we have another big test the next day”. Why is this a thing, why do teachers do this? I bet even the staff nor the teachers liked it when this stuff happens. Yet they do it for us? I want to know, are there ever times where school just makes you stress or anxious? Wait a minute, I just wrote about a topic! I wrote about school and how it stresses many people! I am changing the title right now!


One thought on “59/365 I don’t know what to write…Never Mind! :D

  1. Hehe… Back in my high school days, we used to have a Social Studies teacher who would give us daily homework. But he never asks everyone to submit and goes through the process of reviewing it. Instead, he would come to class the next day and stand on the podium and say he has some kind of waves emerging from his bald head which can detect those who have not done the homework; and very interestingly he does pick out 4 or 5 each day and they all would not have done it. Amazing, right?

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