86/365 My first Wrinkle in Time show

Hello everyone! My first play performance went really well! And here is what happened. As some of you people know I am the character, Charles Wallace. I was eager to see what my costume was, and then I wasn’t so eager to see it. My shirt is a polo shirt that had hot dogs, ketchup and mustard bottles, all over the entire shirt. When I think of Charles Wallace, I think of him having a sweater vest with a white shirt or really any color. But instead, I get stuck with the most weirdest and most random costume ever, like…why? I remember that even the people in the cast of that production didn’t like my costume, and we tried lots of stuff to convince them to change the costume, but to no avail, it didn’t work. But now the costume is kinda growing on me…great.

Anyway, I have some stuff to tell you guys about the play, so let me tell you them. I won’t spoil the story because you guys should know that, so yeah. During opening night, which was on Friday, I was very stoked. My parents came to see the play, and this was a theater with about 100 people so I was excited. Some people might get stage fright, but I have performed for small crowds, medium crowds, internet crowds, that I was pumped. We started the show off and it was amazing. Soon it was time for me to go in. As I was acting, there is one thing you should know about me. I smile, WAY too much. I find a lot of stuff funny, and as I was acting, I was trying so hard not to laugh since it was still weird to see everyone’s faces with the clear face masks. Oh yeah did I mention the clear face masks?

The clear face masks were pretty uncomfortable, I remember getting headaches every time I came home, and I would just do some homework, take a bath and sleep, because I was so tired. I soon got used to it so it is fine now. Another thing I want to talk about are the times that we mess up, we all have done it.

If you are a theater kid, chances are that you have your fair share of mess ups. I remember that there was a time during one rehearsal that my friend kept on sliding their hands from my arm. And it was almost like they were trying to pull a rope but the rope was slippery. They kept on doing that and me and my friend just started laughing. Our teacher wasn’t too happy, but they were cool with it. Ok we are WAY off track, so let me go back to the night of the opening night. I don’t want to spoil anything from the story, but there was something that I would do backstage. One of my friends was saying to me after that whenever I went backstage, I was visible, so people can see me standing, so I decided that I had to stay out of the light. Yes, I may be a vampire.

The show was fun, we made people laugh, people liked our acting, and we were on with our next four shows. I have more shows coming up, so I am very excited for that.


82/365 The play is almost done!!!

That’s right everyone! The Wrinkle in Time play is now almost in production. After many months of rehearsing, and training. I think we are ready to put on an entire show. But let me tell you one thing that I am most afraid of…missing lines. I have to say a few quotes that are so hard. And some lines that I have to get on the dot. I have been trying, and trying, and trying so hard, and I still am forgetting my lines. I am getting better at memorizing my lines, but I need to get them perfectly. The next thing that I have to know is about the blocking, or the movement. There are a lot of places where I have to just run, or even be carried. Knowing your blocking can help you memorize your lines. Did that work for me? Kinda, and kinda not. I was super excited when I would get to move and get to put my own taste into my character. I am Charles Wallace in the Wrinkle in Time production, and I love him.

Actually, fun fact, in the play Charles Wallace(NOT SAYING IT SINCE THEY ARE SPOILERS!!!!) and that is my favorite part. Me and the cast have been really excited for opening night. I am already wondering what the costumes are going to look like! December, is going to be a fun month.

76/365 Update on the play for my school and mostly the week.

It’s going well. But I still have stories to tell you all. Last Friday, the teacher and the cast decided to run through the first act. In the play there are 2 acts in total, and we were reviewing the entirety of act 1. It was very funny but also very stressful, because we had to move a lot of the props. So this is what happened, we were about to start the play and we put on some amazing sound effects. Then the actors are basically doing their lines, and as they were doing them, the curtains close, and it’s time for the next scene. Me and the rest of the actors were putting a blue mat in the center of the stage and told one of the actors to get on the bed as fast as possible. When their scene was over, it was time for my scene, however, we needed to props that would act as the inside of a house. But no one did anything and were just sitting around, and not putting the props, so when the curtain came up, I just was doing my lines. Then the teacher said, “Um, where are the props”, and everyone else was all, “Oh, wait we had to do that”. Yes of course you were supposed to do that! So they put the props and then we finished the scene. Most of the events that happened were just all of us telling each other to move and set new props. After sometime, we had to do a part where we all had to act as if we were floating in midair. It was very fun and it was quite funny as well. After that, we got to ride a dragon and float in midair again. Doing all of the movements and the acting was really fun, but there is one thing that we all know. When we start to perform for the audience, we aren’t allowed to have the script with us, meaning we have to memorize the entire play till November 1st, it is September 25th (as I am writing this) and I literally have like a month to do it. Before you say, “Rahi, a month is a lot of time, you’ll be able to remember your lines by then”, there is still this little thing called homework, school, and responsibilities, and life I guess. I am still trying to memorize my lines. But, I am super excited to be part of my first ever high school theater experience. Wish me luck. Another thing is that my sister moved to college and I cried when she left. But then she came back in like three days. Honestly, I did know that she was back at college, but I was so busy with school and rehearsals that I didn’t have time to feel sad. Wow, that is one way to cope with things, occupy yourself with something, and become so busy that you don’t feel any emotions when something bad happened to you like 2-3 days ago. I don’t know what else to talk about since not many stuff happened this week except my sister moving to college and my play rehearsal, so…see you next week.

67/365 Rehearsals

As I am writing this, it is right now the time where we rehearse for the play. We are currently doing some sort of movement in the rehearsals and we are moving like the wind, trees, and bushes. For some of my blog post, I will just give you guys some behind the scenes of this play. Let me tell you one thing that happened…but first I have this other thing I wanted to tell you all. While I was outside the drama room, I was eating some blueberry yogurt and me and one other girl, heard loud music coming from a room. We were curious to see where it was coming from, so we followed the sound and found that it was coming from the dance studio. But the weird thing is that, the dancers weren’t even dancing, they were just sitting down and listening to the music. Anyways, for the actual rehearsal part, I was put into this group of five, and we were supposed to act out as the trees and the wind. I was one character for a short while, and I was falling around the place because I had to act like I was being swept away by the wind. After that, we got to show our little act to the other cast members and the director, and they all really liked it. After that whole rehearsal thing, the cast members and I decided to go to T Pumps which is a milk tea and boba tea place. I didn’t really feel like trying boba or milk tea, so I just got a chocolate slushy, and it was really good. I am very excited about next rehearsal.

57/365 I am auditioning for a play in my school!!!

Do you have a little passion for acting? Do you want to show your talent on a big stage? Do you want to act for a play at your high school? Me too, and that’s just what happened. I wanted to be part of a play called, “A Wrinkle In Time”. and as I am writing this, I have already done the audition and I will tell you how the audition went. The audition went like this. I had to show up at a time where I was comfortable, so I went at 5:00 PM. When I went there, I opened the door and immediately closed it since the other group wasn’t done with their audition. When I was able to go in, I was the only person who signed up to come to the class at 5:00 PM. Since that was how it was, I was told that I would have all of the attention. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I had some of the play helpers come up and helped me with lines. After that was done, I was told to act like a scary tree, so I acted like a scary tree. After that, I was told to act and walk like a beast with many tentacles. When I did it, the teacher liked it and said that I could come back for a second audition, and yes that is a good thing. I am so happy and excited, wish me luck!