68/365 Hanging out with the entire gang

Yesterday, I got to hangout with an entire gang of friends. Now this was actually really exciting since I got to see all of my friends at the same time. Now let me tell you why we wanted to meet in the first place, after our last visit at my house, we decided that our next meeting will be to watch the new Marvel movie called, Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings. Now, I don’t think you guys are ready for this movie, but this movie is probably one of my favorite Marvel movies. This is the first time that they added an Asian superhero to be part of a huge franchise like Marvel. While we were watching the movie, I felt that the back of my chair was getting hotter and hotter, soon it got so hot that my back felt like it was burning. Turns out, I accidentally pressed the heat button to the color red, hooray for minor inconveniences. After the movie, we decided to go to a BB&Q that one friend was hosting. However, when we came out of the theater, we got a call from one of the parents that said if the kids can eat something from outside since they were out of food. First of all, the BB&Q started at 6:30 PM, and we came out of the theater and it is 6:40 PM. We didn’t know what to do, so one guy thought that it would be amazing if we all ate at a very fancy resturant.

The only problem, was that there was 17 people in our group and waiting to be seated will take another 15 mins. So we just decided to go too In&Out. After that, we went to the BB&Q and ate the burgers and fries. After that for dessert, we decided to go to Yogurt Land and an Ice cream place which I forgot the name was. While we were walking to the ice cream place, some of my friends spotted a little black kitten next to us in the bushes, I wanted to gain its trust, so I did started meowing at the cat, and the cat was meowing back at me. I really wanted to take it and take care of it, but it looked healthy, and my sister said that it probably already has a home, but seeing this little cat all alone, I started to cry. This is what happens, when you have soft spot for animals. I cried about 3 times when I finally calmed down and just went to the ice cream shop. After that, my sister and I went home, and I had lots of fun with my friends. And I am so excited for the next meeting, but one thing that everyone should know is that an amazing friendship always finds away to regain connection and communication.


One thought on “68/365 Hanging out with the entire gang

  1. Well said Rahi… I am amazed at the size of your friend circle. We did the same for Amna on her birthday, but she had only 3 friends to go out with. They gathered at our home for a small party after which we took them out to watch “Jungle Cruise” and then dined at Cheesecake Factory. Did you know that recently the Dubai ruler rewarded 3 guys who rescued a cat falling from the balcony with some $13500 each? How cool is that?

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