63/365 Boredom

Being bored is one of the worst feelings ever. I mean, there’s way worst, but they are at least one of the worst feelings. No one likes being bored. No one does, if you like being bored, then…ok. I can’t really say you are a bad person if you like something that many other people might not like. Anyway, being bored is…well…boring. Say if you are in your room, and you have nothing planned out. You ask your parents, “Hey, do you guys want to do something today?” “Oh, sorry, but we have other stuff to do like work.” Next thing you know, you start to feel bored. Now I know a lot of people will say that you should find something to keep yourself occupied…but what if you tried everything, and you still feel bored? After that, the whole family will have to do something together, otherwise, you are going to feel bored for the rest of the day, and nobody wants that. I heard that the brain will need to feel bored for sometime to be able to sort things out in the mind.

You might be saying why I am having this as my topic. Well the main reason that should be obvious is that, I am bored. As I am writing this, I feel like doing something fun, but my entire family wants to stay inside because we did do a lot of stuff on Saturday and Sunday. But for me, I kinda have this feeling that, if I did some something fun in one day and we don’t do anything fun the next day…I feel very sad and bored. Being bored is part of life, and I can’t really do anything about it.


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