62/365 Seeing friends again

I am an extrovert. I like having friends, and I like to hangout with them. However ever since this whole pandemic happened, I have been missing my friends for a long time. I can’t meet some of them because they all either moved cause of the pandemic, or they just stopped talking to me. When 8th grade came, I was ready to still have friendships with some people, by having meetings with them, and just chatting with them online. However, when the school year was ending, I was not able to talk to any of my friends and I started to feel a little lonely. I wasn’t really talking to many of my friends anyways, but whenever I do want to, they never respond back. I just thought that they had their own things to do, and I respected that. So for sometime, I haven’t talked to many of my friends and I did feel sad.

Fortunately, this Saturday, I was able to meet a lot of my friends that I wasn’t able to see or hangout with for a long time. It has been years since we have seen each other and it is nice that we get to catch up about stuff in life. We played lots of games and had lots of fun. And when the hangout was ending, we actually decided when we would have our next hangout. I was really happy when I heard that because that meant I get to see my friends more than once. Seeing my friends again was really happy, joyful, and amazing. I always want to make new friends, and even though I know that most of the time we don’t get to hangout, I am still excited for the times that I do get to hangout with my friends. And in life, you are going to lose many friends that you loved, but then, you will gain new friends. It’s like how the world gains a new virus every 5 years or more…ok, that’s actually not a great comparison.


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