69/365 Games

Games have been a part of our history for a long time. It’s really cool to think that back then, the most popular game was a ball, and now the most popular games are happening on the consoles. Games are meant to keep everyone entertained, I mean sure, there is something called YouTube, but who wants to see amazing content that people put hard work into just so their fans can see it, right? I have played many games, video games, outside games and I have always enjoyed them. I remember one game that my sister and I came up with in the summer. Since the weather wanted to cook everyone into sunny side ups, my sister and I decided to play sports, but this time, we add water. We would play badminton, and if either of us misses the birdie, then we would have cold water poured onto our heads. This game was lots of fun, however, because there is still a drought and climate change, we decided to probably leave the game until it is best to play.

There are, of course, many types of video/online games. There are many video/online games, Smash Bros, Mario, Undertale, the dinosaur game that you would play on google when you are not connected to the internet and other stuff. I have played lots of Smash Bros games, and Mario games I rarely played. Now of course there are many famous games like Fortnite and other games that many people played, but I am that kind of person that doesn’t really follow trends. When the Floss, the dance, was popular I didn’t do that dance after 2 or 3 years of its fame. Fortnite I have never played and never will, because I just do not see the enjoyment for these kinds of games. Man, trends go by so fast. I’ll make my next post about trends, so prepare for that. Anyways, I love games and I always have, what do think of games?


One thought on “69/365 Games

  1. Me too, I do not like to mimic trends. I feel like a zombie if I do so. Like, you do not use your brain and think independently and decide; instead you just follow the crowd. But sometimes, in some cases, I feel I lost out some good opportunity coz I didn’t follow the trend. Like, for eg: say, investing in something, may be… instead, I might have gone against the flow and did something totally stupid.

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