67/365 Rehearsals

As I am writing this, it is right now the time where we rehearse for the play. We are currently doing some sort of movement in the rehearsals and we are moving like the wind, trees, and bushes. For some of my blog post, I will just give you guys some behind the scenes of this play. Let me tell you one thing that happened…but first I have this other thing I wanted to tell you all. While I was outside the drama room, I was eating some blueberry yogurt and me and one other girl, heard loud music coming from a room. We were curious to see where it was coming from, so we followed the sound and found that it was coming from the dance studio. But the weird thing is that, the dancers weren’t even dancing, they were just sitting down and listening to the music. Anyways, for the actual rehearsal part, I was put into this group of five, and we were supposed to act out as the trees and the wind. I was one character for a short while, and I was falling around the place because I had to act like I was being swept away by the wind. After that, we got to show our little act to the other cast members and the director, and they all really liked it. After that whole rehearsal thing, the cast members and I decided to go to T Pumps which is a milk tea and boba tea place. I didn’t really feel like trying boba or milk tea, so I just got a chocolate slushy, and it was really good. I am very excited about next rehearsal.


One thought on “67/365 Rehearsals

  1. Chocolate slushie? Wonder how that tastes… I have had fruit flavours. Never saw chocolate slushie anywhere. Or did you mean chocolate milkshake?

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