66/365 Making Youtube Videos

So…I haven’t posted on my Youtube channel in like over a month. Wow, talk about consistency. My next video, I already have it planned out, I just need to find a time to record it. I haven’t been posting or uploading many videos because…well I am now part of high school. And high school does not mess around, no, no. As I am writing this, I have been assigned with three homework assignments, and it is getting late so I can’t do all of them. But, with high school starting, I am thinking about how I will be able to make videos. “Rahi, you can make videos on the weekends”, you might be asking, but one thing is that, I am also currently rehearsing for a play…(I will make a post and video about that in December). And with that big play, I want to be able to memorize my lines, which will be hard, but I’ll survive I’m sure of it. Doing Youtube is really fun, but it’s about being able to find time to actually make content. Now before you guys go blame me, my puppets also are the ones to blame. They are basically lazy and say that they will do a video next month. Don’t worry, a new video is coming soon.


One thought on “66/365 Making Youtube Videos

  1. Perhaps you can leave the camera inside the cupboard and record a video on what your puppets do all day. The toys in Toy Story do, so your puppets might as well. 😊

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