65/365 Being the only person in my friend group to go to a different school. And I am not liking the feeling.

In my friend group, I am literally the only person in that group that is going to a different high school. For the sake of not saying the actual school, I will call it school one and school two. School One is the high school that my friends went too. And I was also planning to go to that school too, however, I found out that School Two had more art opportunities so I decided to go to that school. And honestly, it is the best school I have ever been to. Sure there are mountains of homework, but everyone is so kind and I even got to make friends. One thing that I don’t like is that whenever I want to talk to my group of friends, I can’t really talk about anything since they are at another school and they are talking amongst themselves about School One, and I can’t really communicate with any of them. But I am happy that I go to School Two, because I get to see new people and make new friends.