64/365 The Owl House Review

The Owl House is an animated, Disney series that has been getting super popular ever since January of 2020. I didn’t hear about the show in middle school since I think the reason why was that it was just starting and it was just airing so it wasn’t that popular. But ever since the summer of 2021, I found out about the Owl House and immediately got attached to it. I soon found other people who also liked the show. Now if you guys want a summary of the show then here you go. Luz Noceda is a human who isn’t like the other kids in her school and found a door to a fantasy land where she meets Eda, King and Hooty, as well as other characters. This show is literally a timeline since all of the episodes, ok maybe not all of the episodes but most of the episodes actually connect with the whole plot as well as the entire show and events. Recently, I have been waiting for the rest of Season 2, and I hope that the creators make an extended Season 3 instead of a short one. I recommend this show for all ages, it is really amazing, and if you like magic and fantasies, then you should definitely watch it. I am giving this show, 5/5 stars. I think it would make an amazing movie.


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