70/365 Trends

Trends are a big part in social media. Trends mostly come when one thing starts to gain fame, like, memes. When that thing turns into a trend, it comes and goes so fast. I remember when the dance called “the floss” was super popular, and literally everyone did it in 2017. But soon when it was 2019, I decided to finally do the dance, and people looked at me and say, “Rahi, that trend is over, that dance is so 2017.” I haven’t been keeping up with many trends so far, but I do remember one video that proves my point in the funniest way possible. There is a YouTube Channel called, “The Land Of The Boggs”, by the way go check them out. They had an animation, where it showed a blue bean trying to keep up with all of the latest trends, but trends move so fast, and the blue bean is getting a bit mad and annoyed.

Trends move fast, like probably faster than the Flash. If there was a trend that said that skinny jeans is the new look, well now in 14 minutes, baggy jeans are the new look. Of course I am just exaggerating, but do you see where I am getting at here? Trends come and go like the wind. They grow fame in a short amount of time and then they lose fame in a much shorter amount of time. Trends are big with dances, types of clothing, or even hobbies and types of videos or content that you consume. Like how Fortnite was so popular in 6th grade, well now it’s dead and nobody plays it anymore.