89/365 Rest in peace Reyna…

On January 5th, my dog Reyna passed away. Now, I want to write this blog post about Reyna, since talking about something that is bothering you is a healthy way of coping. If you have seen my post about Reyna, you would know that my family and I got her when she was 5. I was so happy to get Reyna. When we got Reyna, my family and I were used to having only four people in the house. But now, we have a 5th person. Reyna, was a funny dog and Reyna actually means queen in Spanish. Reyna had some other health issues before she passed away. When we had Reyna for only 6 months, she started to pee blood. When we took her to the vet, they said that she had bladder stones, and that was very sad. Reyna had to get surgery and thankfully, everything went well. However, when I was starting middle school, Reyna had two bumps in her chest and also had to get surgery for that. And none of them weren’t serious. But soon, Reyna’s time came. Reyna was the best dog ever and she had been through so much with her previous owners, as well as going through surgery twice. It was hard to see Reyna, when she was at her worst. When she passed, I broke down right there. Reyna has always been an amazing dog, and still is the best dog. She was a sassy, happy, loving and caring dog. Without her, the house feels empty. But I know that she will be connected with us someway. She was the first dog I ever had, and she had bought my family together.


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