91/365 Mythology

Mythology is pretty cool. When I was in 6th grade, I started finding numerous stories of mythology, specifically Indian mythology. I have memorized countless stories like Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Goddess Durga and more! But, when I see the videos in mythology, there is something that I have found that is weird. Whenever a villain was meeting its end, the narrator would almost always describe every second of them dying. I just…I want to know if the villains could hear the narrator describe every second of them dying, and the villains are thinking, “I get it, yes I see blood coming out of my mouth just let me die in peace!” And then the narrator will say, “So and so is dead.” Yeah, no kidding Sherlock, of course they died, you just explained how they were meeting their end. I have told many stories like this one to my friends and they actually really like them. Whether you believe in those stories or not, mythology shows the culture and life of some people in those countries. In many of the videos that talk about the stories, they make the villains look very creepy, but also peculiar. For one story, this villain looked like a guy in the front, but when we saw his side, he looks like a girl. Also for Krishna, I cleverly came up with the perfect nickname, “Butter Boy”.


37/365 Siblings

I have an older sister named Rhea, and she and I have had some adventures. Ok, they aren’t really adventures, but I think they are. Let me tell you one fact about me and Rhea, we both are scared of spiders. If we see the tiniest spider on the floor or on the wall, we would freak out. There was one time where I was getting ready for sleep, until Rhea called me over, her voice sounded as if there was something that was about to jump onto her. When I went in her room, I saw a big black spider. It was next to the window, and my sister was freaked out, I was trying to calm her down, but after seeing the size of the spider, I got scared and started to freak out as well. We tried everything to kill the spider like spraying it with bleach. You might be wondering why we won’t squish it…it’s because that meant we had to go closer to the giant spider. We eventually, squashed it and left it outside.

Another thing that we both do is sometimes we ask deep psychological questions about life, the universe and we talk about things that might change the world. “Can penguins really fly?” Sometimes we would also talk about school and see how everything is going. We would also tell each other that we have to do stuff that we didn’t want to do, and we both would freak out about the same things. We both will also try to give each other words of wisdom which we both fail. Another thing about me and Rhea, is that we both love animals, 100%. We would always want to see animals and see wild and domesticated animals and we both would have a blast. Having a sibling is very fun since you basically have another friend that lives with you at home. But of course we get into fights, and that my friends is where you will want to turn into a powerful being.