86/365 My first Wrinkle in Time show

Hello everyone! My first play performance went really well! And here is what happened. As some of you people know I am the character, Charles Wallace. I was eager to see what my costume was, and then I wasn’t so eager to see it. My shirt is a polo shirt that had hot dogs, ketchup and mustard bottles, all over the entire shirt. When I think of Charles Wallace, I think of him having a sweater vest with a white shirt or really any color. But instead, I get stuck with the most weirdest and most random costume ever, like…why? I remember that even the people in the cast of that production didn’t like my costume, and we tried lots of stuff to convince them to change the costume, but to no avail, it didn’t work. But now the costume is kinda growing on me…great.

Anyway, I have some stuff to tell you guys about the play, so let me tell you them. I won’t spoil the story because you guys should know that, so yeah. During opening night, which was on Friday, I was very stoked. My parents came to see the play, and this was a theater with about 100 people so I was excited. Some people might get stage fright, but I have performed for small crowds, medium crowds, internet crowds, that I was pumped. We started the show off and it was amazing. Soon it was time for me to go in. As I was acting, there is one thing you should know about me. I smile, WAY too much. I find a lot of stuff funny, and as I was acting, I was trying so hard not to laugh since it was still weird to see everyone’s faces with the clear face masks. Oh yeah did I mention the clear face masks?

The clear face masks were pretty uncomfortable, I remember getting headaches every time I came home, and I would just do some homework, take a bath and sleep, because I was so tired. I soon got used to it so it is fine now. Another thing I want to talk about are the times that we mess up, we all have done it.

If you are a theater kid, chances are that you have your fair share of mess ups. I remember that there was a time during one rehearsal that my friend kept on sliding their hands from my arm. And it was almost like they were trying to pull a rope but the rope was slippery. They kept on doing that and me and my friend just started laughing. Our teacher wasn’t too happy, but they were cool with it. Ok we are WAY off track, so let me go back to the night of the opening night. I don’t want to spoil anything from the story, but there was something that I would do backstage. One of my friends was saying to me after that whenever I went backstage, I was visible, so people can see me standing, so I decided that I had to stay out of the light. Yes, I may be a vampire.

The show was fun, we made people laugh, people liked our acting, and we were on with our next four shows. I have more shows coming up, so I am very excited for that.


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