92/365 It’s my birthday!!!

I am going to turn 15. When I’m 15 and a half, that means I can get my permit for driving. That’s…scary. I have always said that driving is pretty scary…and that’s true. But I also can’t wait to finally drive my friends and myself to school! I mean, I technically have to wait another year to get my license, but I can’t wait another ENTIRE YEAR. My birthday this year is going to be different, since I am gonna celebrate my birthday with my dad and my dog. My sister will be at college, and my mom is at India because of an event. But when everyone comes back, we will have a fun time. I do have some birthday stories that I want to share with all of you so let’s start with my 6th birthday.

When I was about 3-6 years old, my birthday parties were always at my house. I would invite my friends and my parents would bring a bouncy house. One birthday, I was jumping with my friend who we will call, Ariana. Now, Ariana and I were best friends and I was going crazy since I was having lots of fun. I said that I was gonna give her a kiss. OK. OK. OK, I know there is going to be one of you guys that are going to say that I had a crush on this girl, no I did not! And to be frank, this was an FRIENDLY kiss, ok? Anyway, I kissed her on the cheek, and then all of a sudden, I felt awkward for the rest of the party. Ariana would always, back in my elementary school, ask me, “Do you remember the time you kissed me at your party?” And it would be so awkward and embarrassing that I actually ended up getting mad at her. We’re now good.

More birthday parties that I remembered were my 7-11th birthday parties. I remembered these ones, because they were held in the same place, Rockín Jump. There’s not that much to say since all we did was jump, ate, did a casual battle to the death with foam noodles. So let’s move on to my one party that had nothing to do with Rockín Jump.

My 12th birthday was at John’s Incredible Pizza Palace. I heard that this place was actually good. My sister thought otherwise, and my parents didn’t know about this place. Long story short, my parents hated that place. I found it ok, but I also thought it was a bit too much. The ice cream machine for vanilla just gave me white goop. But I am just glad that I got to spend my birthday with my family and friends.

I am very excited to turn 15, and I am excited for my birthday. There’s much more to come, so I will look forward to all of them.