84/365 Why I think Christmas is better than Thanksgiving >:D

In my opinion, Christmas has more of a wonderful, and nice feeling. Thanksgiving is just the one time of the year to get fat. And, yes I agree, there are some stuff that people are thankful for, but I am certain that many people like to get presents on Christmas. I am a Christmas fan, I have been for a long time. So, I might be a little bias, but I don’t care, let’s get started.

Christmas has more of a positive mood to it. I just love the feeling of everyone being merry and seeing all of the colors for Christmas. Hearing the Christmas carols and seeing the Christmas tree just fills me up with happiness and energy.

Now on to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving does not have a good history. As you know, when Colonials came to America, they took over the Native American’s land, and killed many of the tribes there. From some of the Native Americans, the colonies learned how to harvest food, and then they made Thanksgiving. Hasn’t it occurred to you that Thanksgiving celebrated for people being thankful. Does that mean that the pilgrims were thankful for the Native Americans for teaching them harvesting, even though they killed them? More mysteries I have to find out myself.

I also just love Christmas for its atmosphere and the good vibes it gives out. I am so excited for December for two reasons. 1. It’s because it’s going to be my play, and I’m excited. And two, because I want to wear a lot of Christmas clothing.

That is the reason why Christmas is better than Thanksgiving.