90/365 My 90th post and a new addition of the family

Hello everyone! Wow, this is my 90th post, this is amazing. Now, as you have seen in the title, a new person is in this little family. Hmmm, who can that be? Everyone, welcome my new puppy, Ginger. Ginger is 14 weeks old and she is a little cute puppy. My family and I have gotten Ginger on January 15th. I have been telling literally EVERYONE that I know about Ginger. Ginger is a german shepherd and pit bull mix. The first few days of having Ginger, they were stressful, but also the best days ever. After my previous dog Reyna passed away, the house felt empty without a furry friend, so it was just really nice to have another dog with us. We thought this dog was going to be chill just like Reyna. And, oh my god were we wrong. She has got endless energy. She would constantly bite us because she is teething and she would bark a lot during the day. At night, my dog would sleep and wouldn’t howl or bark at night while everyone else was sleeping. She is an amazing dog, and I am glad that we got to rescue her, and we can now give her a good life.