You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown Musical!

EVERYONE! I have exciting news! I am now in a school musical called You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. YGMCA is about this kid named Charlie Brown, and basically his life. I have landed the role called, “Woodstock”. Woodstock doesn’t have much to do, but apparently, I don’t do ANYTHING! This is why. Since this is a musical we have acting class, vocal class, and dance class. For dance class, I have no dance moves and I just sit in the corner, which is really boring. So whenever the others dance, I dance too. Look, I don’t care if I am not following the steps, if my role just sits at a dog house, then at least let me move instead of just sitting there. For this musical, we have two cast groups. The Blockheads and the Good Griefs. I am part of the Blockheads, and the Woodstock in the Good Griefs, also agreed that they basically do nothing. I do get to sing, but that is really all I do besides flap my wings. However, I am very excited for opening which is in April. I will update you guys on how the musical goes.


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