39/365 What it’s like to be the youngest family member

Being the youngest family member isn’t always happy and filled with joy. Being young just means you’re an easy target, as well as not being able to do the stuff you want to do. First thing that you can’t do is meeting your friends when you want to. Now if your friend lives down the street, then you can meet them whenever you want. That kind of thing is fine, I’m talking about if your friend doesn’t live near you, and what makes it worse is that my parents and my sister can see their friends whenever they want, while I’m stuck here who is just trying to talk to their friends on the internet. You guys might be saying that my parents and sister are grown up and they can see who they want anytime, which is true, this is just a complaint about being the youngest in the family.

Secondly, and also lastly since I ran out of reasons. No one really wants to hang out with you. Many of my family members never really part take in the things that I like to do, I mean that’s the same for me but that’s not the point. The point is that since my parents are basically grown ups, I can’t really hangout with any of them since they all are really busy with work. Also, if they ever want to try what I want to do, they end up not doing it since they don’t get it. Being the youngest has got its perks, like you do whatever you want at home as long as it’s not dangerous and illegal, and you can also goof off.


3 thoughts on “39/365 What it’s like to be the youngest family member

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  2. I was the elder one in my home, and I always felt, being elder is more challenging. Elder ones get the blame if younger one gets hurt or so. When I try to justify, my parents always tells me “avan kunjalle, nee vende shraddhikkaan?” (I hope you understand what I wrote, else ask your parents). But I like what you said, “they don’t understand the game rules”, which means you are smarter than they are… ๐Ÿ˜Š

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