127/365 Going on to 11th grade

I know that it is still basically winter, but registrations for students going forward to 11th grade has ended and I decided to talk about the classes that I will be taking. As my parents and friends know me, I will never ever do P.E. again. You are only required to take 2 years of P.E. and I always sucked at it. I have never had the interest for sports and I technically have a very low stamina. Since I am not taking P.E. next year, I have decided to take Drama 2, my true passion. I have been wanting to do Drama for the longest time, at first I thought I was going to be in Drama 1 because I thought that since I have never been in the class, I didn’t really know much about the acting world. But when I told this to my theater teacher, they said that they could put me in the Drama 2 class because I have been in 4 productions for theater. So technically I have experience, so that is really good. Also, the reason why I didn’t take Drama last year or this year is because of P.E. and Spanish. By the way, another thing I want to talk about, World Language.

In my freshman year of high school, this was when I realized that I had to actually learn a whole new language in order to graduate high school and be able to get into a good college. When I took Spanish 1, I thought that I was going to have a very hard time, I knew how to say colors, numbers and basic greetings but I didn’t know anything at all, I didn’t know the culture or the grammar and I thought I was going to fail. So…I didn’t fail Spanish 1 but then comes Spanish 2. My Spanish 2 is definitely not one of my favorite classes. The teacher doesn’t really teach us anything. If anything all she does is give us classwork, tells us how to do it and goes to sit at her desk and check our workbook pages. Now the main contributor here was that we were supposed to study the material on our own, and you know what, I have realized that, and let me tell you, it is not easy at all. So after Spanish 2 ends I am preparing myself with Spanish 3, I didn’t want to take it at first but my family said that I should at least aim for the highest of the academics in order to at least get into a good enough college. I am really nervous about Spanish 3 since Spanish 2 has already been difficult but you know what, I just have to go for it, because honestly as of right now, there is no going back.

Now that we finished talking about the two electives let’s talk about the electives that I want. I want Drama, Computer Animation, Art and if all else fails, Culinary. I wanted to take Computer Animation since I love animating, but then again what ended up happening was that the class was out of campus meaning I had to drive myself to the class. And there is no way that I am going to drive a two-ton death machine without having my license or even my permit, that’s going to be a long time until I can get it. Anyways guys, now I need to to Drivers Ed. See you in the next one.


126/365 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Musical

I am in the newest musical in my high school. The name is the title above and I am very excited to start performing it in March. I actually didn’t get in the cast the first time. At first my theater teacher wasn’t planning on double casting which didn’t seem like a wise choice considering many people in the fall play got sick and some even had Covid. Anyways, after some time my theater teacher decided to finally double cast to which I was casted as Douglas Panch. Panch does not sing in the musical except in the finale song. I still like being him because he is on stage all the time and he also is a funny character. Even though I don’t sing, I don’t usually do theater for the main purpose of getting a role that I wanted, if I didn’t get a role that I liked, well, I should at least be happy that I got something, because the people in theater are the things that I cherish the most out of everything. This post is a little short, but this is my daily theater update. See you in the next one.

125/365 Chris and the Dark Side

So…this is a little awkward to do since I’ve been completely radio silent for about 4 months. And the main reason is school, my dad would always tell me to write something but I’ve pretty much lost motivation, until today where he was angry that I wasn’t doing it. So as I was pondering on what type of topic I could talk about, I decided to tell you guys something that I have been planning for the past 2 months, and that is my original animation series called Chris and the Dark Side. If you want the summary of the plot and also with how the story will go down, here is the rundown on the next paragraph.

The story starts off with a 15 year old boy Chris who is just a normal dude who has a little brother named Timmy. Throughout his life he has a small, medium…ok, very big predicament that has been holding down his mental state and the way he sees the world. And that predicament is called anxiety! Ok, just kidding, there is an evil spirit named The Entity. I haven’t thought of an actual name for them, but I will come up with it eventually. Throughout the story Chris and the Entity find secrets, plot twists and other stuff that help them find the true meaning of many of the stuff happening. Now I am not going to say whole bunch of the story because I don’t want to spoil the whole plot. However, I am posting all of this on YouTube, where I have been posting animations lately.

By the way, don’t worry ventriloquism videos will still come out but as of right now I am making animations for all of my creative folks. If you want to see a little sneak peek of Chris and the Dark Side or even of my other animations, then I will put the links in the descripti- I MEAN

124/365 New Play is in Production!

So…it’s been a while. School had just started and I am right now in a play. The play that my school is now doing is called, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. If this name is familiar, that’s because it’s one of William Shakespeare’s plays. I am as the lead role of Puck or Robin. To give you some context Puck is basically a mischievous little fairy that goes around and causes trouble. He basically knows that he is being a nuisance but he enjoys it…a lot. This was one of the characters that I wanted anyway, so I felt pretty good being the person that basically messes one thing up and everything plunges to chaos.

This is my third theater production and right now it’s going slow, but soon we will start putting everything together. I know this blog post is short but I felt like i should write something a bit shorter since I have more stuff to do. Thank you, and I will see you in the next one.

123/365 Pitbulls aren’t bad.

There are many breeds of dogs, but there is one breed of dog that gets discriminated for most people. That breed is Pitbull. Pitbulls have been discriminated all across the globe. Many people portray them as vicious and awful dogs. That is absolute BS. (I am saying BS since I don’t want to say the actual thing.) There are awful people out there who would train pitbulls to fight other dogs and the bystanders say that pitbulls are malicious dogs who want nothing but destruction.

This is the advice I give to you. Don’t judge a dog based off of their looks, or from what you hear from the internet. My dog is a pitbull mix and she is only destructive because she is a puppy, she still needs training and she is still teething. But people say that pitbulls are dangerous animals, which is why in many shelters pitbulls are sometimes left out because of the neglect that they get. It is time we speak out against this injustice for pitbulls. All pitbulls want is to have love from their owners. That is what any dog would want.

However, many people that say that pitbulls are monsters, the reason is that they clearly have the wrong information. You may be wondering about the pitbulls that are aggressive, and that behavior is based off the owner and how they take care of the dogs. Here is actually some history on pitbulls. Pitbulls’ purpose was to be active in bloodsports. And yes you heard me right, “Bloodsports”. This is where dog-fighting comes in. However, thankfully in the 1900s when Pitbulls reached America, the U.S. Congress put up a law saying that pitbulls were no longer supposed to be used for bloodsports and are instead loyal, and loving dogs. Dog fighting still happens today and it is absolutely tragic. If you want to stop dog fighting you can donate to any charities that are helping the cause. Thank you for reading, and I will see you in the next one.

122/365 Superheros

We all have seen superhero movies. Both Marvel and DC. I haven’t seen much DC but Marvel is a whole other story. I mean, I don’t watch Marvel on my own time, it’s always my sister, my parents, or both that want to see the movie. I always thought, man, being superhero would be so cool. I know that I am fifteen and not many fifteen year olds would talk about being a superhero, but I don’t care, let me act the way I want to. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I honestly would love to become a superhero. Here are my reasons why.

#1: Superpowers

Of course who doesn’t love having superpowers? You can do cool things with it like turning things into dust or firing someone with flame powers. Superpowers are no joke, amazing.

#2: Saving people

Even though there are people to save people like officers, doctors and firemen and so on. Being a superhero basically means you will lend out a helping hand.

#3: Movie

If you are very wild and get noticed, you might have your own movie! There are many people that have movies, who are in fact superheroes! You got Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spiderman and so on! Won’t it be cool to have your own movie?

Those are my three reasons why being a superhero is amazing. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will see you in the next one!

121/365 What is my favorite season?

Ah yes, the most asked question, I think. What is your favorite season? There are only four seasons that you can choose from. You either like winter, fall, spring or summer. Now I actually am indifferent of most of these seasons but I think my tier list from best to worst is probably: Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

Ok, fall isn’t the worst season but I don’t usually remember any sort of memories or any joy that comes out of this season. Of course there is Thanksgiving and Halloween, but those are pretty much it, and I don’t even care about those holidays as much. I don’t go crazy for Thanksgiving, and I am too old for trick or treating so what’s even the point.

Spring is pretty relaxed and it is pretty to see all of the flowers, that’s all I have to say, nothing much. Summer is also really nice since I get off school and I can go to the beach with my friends. The only downside about summer is of course the humidity.

Finally, my favorite season is winter. Only because of the best holiday ever. Christmas is the best holiday. As soon as winter comes, I am filled with the happiness of Christmas. I turn into the happiest kid ever and I really turn into Santa Claus, but this time, I am Santa Claus that goes to high school. Anyways I wanted to talk about seasons, thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.

120/365 Improv Summer Camp

I know there is going to be people who will say that why I am again talking about Improv Summer Camp. And to all of you, the reason is that I am actually doing it again this year. I remembered all of the good times I had with the people that I made friends with and how much I loved acting, so I decided to do it again. Today was actually my first day of going back so let me break down the day for you all.

It was morning, I woke up and decided to have a hearty bowl of cereal and milk. After I was done eating I then decided to do random stuff, after all of that I got ready to go for the class. I go to the building and there was some sort of Improv show that was put on TV. After that we then started a little name game, or ice breaker. It was fun and I got to know everyone.

I was playing a lot of Improv games that day and it was really fun. After playing I actually got to talk to some of the people and it was nice to just talk to them. I was able to make friends which was lucky. I had lots of fun playing Improv games and I am excited to see what we will play tomorrow. Thank you for reading and I will see you in the next one.

119/365 Birthday party!

As I am writing this I went to a birthday party for one of our family friends. It was our family friends’ dad’s birthday and his son’s birthday. Basically the adults hosted a water activity for the kids and I joined in cause why not. I also don’t know why, but all the kids targeted me to throw and squirt water balls at me. Maybe because I was taller than them, or that I was older? I mean everyone else was also wet, but I was the one that was soaking wet. After battling with water, it was time for dinner and cake. After the dinner and cake me and the rest of the kids started to play a made up game. Honestly, I went with whatever story plot they made because I make more complex story plots. Hanging out with the kids honestly made me feel much younger, like I was actually their age. These kids didn’t care if I was 15, they just wanted to be friends with me and I really appreciated that. The birthday party was fun and we saw many dogs pass by which so cute. Then I went home, thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one.

118/365 Beach Trip

In this post I will be talking about a beach trip that happened yesterday. The day started off with my sister and I getting into a friends’ car and driving to pick up more friends. After picking up our entire group of friends, we then went to a Korean Corndog place which was absolutely amazing and delicious. After eating that was when we went to the beach.

This drive was so long that many of the people in the backseat were sleeping. We finally made it to the beach, and we all had a lot of fun. We did try to grab a huge pile of seaweed and we succeeded, and then it was sent back to sea. After the beach was over we then took a shower and went to a Korean/Hot Pot place to eat, after that I cam home. And that’s it, sorry that this post was short, but I wanted to just quickly summarize the beach day. Anyways, I will see you in the next one!