127/365 Going on to 11th grade

I know that it is still basically winter, but registrations for students going forward to 11th grade has ended and I decided to talk about the classes that I will be taking. As my parents and friends know me, I will never ever do P.E. again. You are only required to take 2 years of P.E. and I always sucked at it. I have never had the interest for sports and I technically have a very low stamina. Since I am not taking P.E. next year, I have decided to take Drama 2, my true passion. I have been wanting to do Drama for the longest time, at first I thought I was going to be in Drama 1 because I thought that since I have never been in the class, I didn’t really know much about the acting world. But when I told this to my theater teacher, they said that they could put me in the Drama 2 class because I have been in 4 productions for theater. So technically I have experience, so that is really good. Also, the reason why I didn’t take Drama last year or this year is because of P.E. and Spanish. By the way, another thing I want to talk about, World Language.

In my freshman year of high school, this was when I realized that I had to actually learn a whole new language in order to graduate high school and be able to get into a good college. When I took Spanish 1, I thought that I was going to have a very hard time, I knew how to say colors, numbers and basic greetings but I didn’t know anything at all, I didn’t know the culture or the grammar and I thought I was going to fail. So…I didn’t fail Spanish 1 but then comes Spanish 2. My Spanish 2 is definitely not one of my favorite classes. The teacher doesn’t really teach us anything. If anything all she does is give us classwork, tells us how to do it and goes to sit at her desk and check our workbook pages. Now the main contributor here was that we were supposed to study the material on our own, and you know what, I have realized that, and let me tell you, it is not easy at all. So after Spanish 2 ends I am preparing myself with Spanish 3, I didn’t want to take it at first but my family said that I should at least aim for the highest of the academics in order to at least get into a good enough college. I am really nervous about Spanish 3 since Spanish 2 has already been difficult but you know what, I just have to go for it, because honestly as of right now, there is no going back.

Now that we finished talking about the two electives let’s talk about the electives that I want. I want Drama, Computer Animation, Art and if all else fails, Culinary. I wanted to take Computer Animation since I love animating, but then again what ended up happening was that the class was out of campus meaning I had to drive myself to the class. And there is no way that I am going to drive a two-ton death machine without having my license or even my permit, that’s going to be a long time until I can get it. Anyways guys, now I need to to Drivers Ed. See you in the next one.


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