78/365 What really makes me angry?

Anger is an emotion that we all feel. Maybe someone said something very mean to you. Someone might’ve stole something that was very precious to you. Someone might’ve eaten the last chocolate chip cookie and drank all of the milk, even though you put up a sticky note, saying that you claimed it. Anger is sometimes good, and sometimes not. Let us see the Pros of anger. Anger might actually help you in any sort of danger, let me give you a scenario. You are in the forest and are minding your own business, just admiring nature. Suddenly, a bear jumps up and blocks you! Your mind starts racing, thinking that these were going to be the last seconds of your life, but then you remember the way that your teacher was mean to you today, and you want revenge. You take your anger out on the bear, making the bear run away. Just kidding, that only happens in cartoons.

I honestly don’t know any types of pros for anger. I do know some cons however. A bad thing about anger is that it hurts those people around your surroundings. For example, if people yell at me, or scold me, naturally my first instinct to do is cry. Anger affects everyone and not only the person that you are angry at. When you get angry at someone or something, it makes you look like an angry person and someone might also avoid you, since they might be afraid to ask you anything because of how you will react. Another thing about anger is that it creates more problems and more danger. When I went to India for a trip, my grandma showed me a video talking about anger and how it is dangerous.

There have been times where I would get mad and it wouldn’t solve anything. Anger can also lead to more problems. Anger can also make your social life suffer. Less people would want to hangout or be near you if you constantly get mad at a lot of things. When people are angry at me, I get very scared and worked up because, I think that these people are going to scar me for life. And the fact is that anger, is scary to me, even though I get angry at people too. Another thing about anger is that it completely blinds your brain and this little thing called common sense. So, now we come to the question, what makes me mad. And ladies and gentlemen, the answer is, having to take quizzes and tests for every week. That makes me mad AND annoyed.


One thought on “78/365 What really makes me angry?

  1. Well, controlled anger is sometimes good. By controlled anger, I mean anger which you have control on. You are aware you are angry, but you are able to limit the extend to which you express it. Sometimes, it helps put things on track and make others around you comply. Imagine you are the leader of a play at school, and the team mates are not cooperating well. At some point, you have to stand up and express your anger or disappointment to them, but in a controlled way, right?

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