126/365 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Musical

I am in the newest musical in my high school. The name is the title above and I am very excited to start performing it in March. I actually didn’t get in the cast the first time. At first my theater teacher wasn’t planning on double casting which didn’t seem like a wise choice considering many people in the fall play got sick and some even had Covid. Anyways, after some time my theater teacher decided to finally double cast to which I was casted as Douglas Panch. Panch does not sing in the musical except in the finale song. I still like being him because he is on stage all the time and he also is a funny character. Even though I don’t sing, I don’t usually do theater for the main purpose of getting a role that I wanted, if I didn’t get a role that I liked, well, I should at least be happy that I got something, because the people in theater are the things that I cherish the most out of everything. This post is a little short, but this is my daily theater update. See you in the next one.


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