40/365 Camping is amazing

Camping is really fun. Some people might actually rough it out but I like the casual type of camping that is fun. I have gone camping before and it’s always amazing. I always love to go camping with my family and friends and it’s very fun. I don’t have many stories, except for these three, these ones were kinda recent, and by recent, I mean like 3-4 years ago.

The first story, is about the speedboats in the campsite. The campsite that we used to go to had speedboats and many of the adults would ride them around the lake and come back. I never wanted to get on the speedboat since it did move pretty fast, but one time, I decided that I should at least try it out. I put my life jacket on and got on the speedboat, and…I never knew that a speedboat would start with a jolt, but that’s what happened. Since the movement of the speedboat racing through the lake was so sudden, I lost my balanced and almost fell off the speedboat, but I soon just grabbed onto the person who was driving the speedboat. While we were riding, it looked really cool, until the speedboat suddenly started to die. Me and the other guy didn’t know what happened, until we looked down and saw a bunch of seaweed surrounding the boat. Some of the seaweed must’ve gotten stuck in the engine so the boat couldn’t function properly, so with little power that we had, we soon made it back to shore and took all the seaweed out.

Next story that I have is about s’mores. Now, I am a fan of s’mores, i love where you melt the chocolate, toast the marshmallows on the crackling fire, and mix the chocolate and melted, gooey marshmallows into two pieces of cookies or graham crackers…I miss having s’mores. Anyway, one thing about the last camp trip I had was that, we decided to not make a fire place, but the thing about not having a fire place, is that we won’t be able to toast marshmallows, and without toasted marshmallows, there is no way we can have s’mores, but one person decided to cook marshmallows on the barbecue, and they still turn out to be delicious.

Last story is about my dog. We have taken my dog on these camping trips and she enjoys running around the grass or just having fun with the adults. But we weren’t the only ones who brought our dog, another family also brought their dog, and their dog is 2 times the size of my dog, however, their dog is young in age, and my dog is old in age, so my pint size dog will growl at the giant dog and they will listen. It’s like a tiny leader just telling one of their giant soldiers to behave. It’s pretty hilarious to see my tiny dog tell off this giant dog to obey her.


One thought on “40/365 Camping is amazing

  1. Each paragraph reminds me of something in my life. When I first rented a jetski, I did an amazing ride with it. I then asked my wife to join me on it, and with much hesitation she agreed as she always stays away from water sports. After few minutes of amazing ride, at one point we lost balance and the jetski toppled and we sunk in water, but came up quickly up thanks to the life jackets.

    For the 2nd para, I don’t have anything to share as I didn’t understand your recipe. So I had to ask Amna about it and she explained it to me.

    And for the 3rd para, Reyna sounded like Hitler… Short, yet commanding!

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