2/365 How I got into Ventriloquism

If you have seen my YouTube videos, you would know that I am a ventriloquist and that I like to sing. In this blog post, I want to talk about how I discovered Ventriloquism and just overall my journey. During the year of 2018, I was scrolling through YouTube when I found a video about this girl named Darci Lynne and she won America’s Got Talent back in 2017 and I was amazed by the ventriloquism and how she can sing and talk with her mouth closed, so I decided to try it out. I saw some tutorial videos on YouTube on how to say certain letters and I practiced using my hands since I didn’t have a puppet.

Soon on Jan 3 2019 I got my very first puppet! Sam was my first puppet and I already had his voice down and I was using him. I showed him at school and at my school’s talent show. I was having a lot of fun and many people enjoyed and were pretty impressed seeing a 12 year-old kid running around with a puppet and being able to talk without moving his mouth. After sometime though, I decided it was time to get another puppet to be part of the “Rahi Dream Team”, and my dad thought that I should get a smaller puppet if we were ever traveling, and that was how I got my second puppet, “King Jack”. King Jack was a small puppet but I had fun making his voice and personality.

My singing teacher actually loved my puppets and would even make me sing with my puppets and it was lots of fun. Soon I started thinking of getting another rod in order to control the puppet with two rods. But I was already having trouble with one rod so I decided to practice on that more. Then my singing teacher decided to get me another puppet named Cindy. Now Cindy was a harder puppet to perform with because she needed a higher voice and my voice can only go so high. Singing with her was also a challenge but I was able to get a grip of it and now we are ready to perform.

When I got Sam, I always wanted to make it on America’s Got Talent, but I didn’t go…which is probably the best option since I am super intimidated by the judges. I mean, you can’t blame me, they look serious. For now, I want to share my ventriloquism talent with all of you on my YouTube Channel and it seems that a lot of you love it! I am still going to work hard on my singing and on ventriloquism and I am going to have fun! That is what you should do with your passion. If you have a passion and you really like it then you should keep on working on it take risk!