125/365 Chris and the Dark Side

So…this is a little awkward to do since I’ve been completely radio silent for about 4 months. And the main reason is school, my dad would always tell me to write something but I’ve pretty much lost motivation, until today where he was angry that I wasn’t doing it. So as I was pondering on what type of topic I could talk about, I decided to tell you guys something that I have been planning for the past 2 months, and that is my original animation series called Chris and the Dark Side. If you want the summary of the plot and also with how the story will go down, here is the rundown on the next paragraph.

The story starts off with a 15 year old boy Chris who is just a normal dude who has a little brother named Timmy. Throughout his life he has a small, medium…ok, very big predicament that has been holding down his mental state and the way he sees the world. And that predicament is called anxiety! Ok, just kidding, there is an evil spirit named The Entity. I haven’t thought of an actual name for them, but I will come up with it eventually. Throughout the story Chris and the Entity find secrets, plot twists and other stuff that help them find the true meaning of many of the stuff happening. Now I am not going to say whole bunch of the story because I don’t want to spoil the whole plot. However, I am posting all of this on YouTube, where I have been posting animations lately.

By the way, don’t worry ventriloquism videos will still come out but as of right now I am making animations for all of my creative folks. If you want to see a little sneak peek of Chris and the Dark Side or even of my other animations, then I will put the links in the descripti- I MEAN


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