38/365 MAZE Day

Today I went to Maze Day for my high school and I had a blast! Here’s what happened, I was dropped off at the school and went to the start of my maze day adventure…or that was what I wanted to do. You see, this was a new school, and I wasn’t given a map earlier on, so I was wandering around trying to find where the starting point was and I couldn’t find it, soon I met another person who was also lost and couldn’t find anything. After we followed all of the signs, we finally made it to the starting point and was given a tour of the entire school, we were shown the clubs, gym, classes and everything else. Soon I got my picture taken for my ID picture and waited for my card to be printed, however, the card was completely blank, so I had to retake the picture, but it was all good. Soon I was given a schedule and I even got to choose some cool shirts. After that, the tour was over and I was picked up by dad. While we were driving, I remembered something and I turned to my dad and said, “Dad, I need a lock for the locker”.

We immediately went to Target, got a lock then sped back to the school, we had to fill out some paperwork but after that I finally got a locker. While we were driving, we decided to get some pizza, and when we got home, I told my mom and sister everything and I was so happy to know that I am officially a freshman in high school. High school is a huge change for me, but I am excited to see what will come up in the future. The school was amazing and I am excited to go there.


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