11/365 Among Us is the game for revenge

Among us is a game that is starting to get very popular. To those people who have been living under a rock and don’t know what this Among Us thing is, then let me explain it to you. Among us is a game that takes place in space and your character is an astronaut. When you start, or go to a lobby, the game will randomly choose if you are a Crew mate or an Imposter. If you are a crew mate, then your job is to do your task while also trying to find the imposter and hand them in. If you are an Imposter, your job is to kill everyone on the ship and sabotage. The biggest thing about being an imposter is to lie. If there is a dead body, then you can report it to a meeting, or if you have seen someone doing anything suspicious, then you can got to the cafeteria and hit the emergency button. After doing either of those things, you can start a meeting and everyone gets to discuss and guess who the imposter is. If they don’t know who it is, then they can skip, or they can vote for the person who they think is the imposter. Crew mates can win if they vote off the number of imposters. I do have some stories with this really fun game.

This story happened back when I was just started playing Among Us. I was playing with friends and every time we start a new game, I always get Crew mate. Without fail, I am always the person who gets crew mate. But one thing that happened on that day was that people kept on voting me out because they kept thinking I was suspicious even though I was doing nothing but doing my tasks. It was pretty frustrating and I was always voted out first. It got to the point where someone said, “Hey guys, I think we should stop voting Rahi off”. Thank You, kind person, at least you know how annoying it is to be voted out a million times. I have gotten imposter sometimes and I sometimes win and I sometimes lose, but I will never forget how people kept on voting me out for no reason.

This next story is about Among Us Hide & Seek. Among Us Hide & Seek is like Hide & Seek Tag. If you are found then you will have to run away from the tagger. Only this time, you will be running from the Imposter. When the game starts the Imposter will count till 30 and will come and try to find everyone. If they find everyone, then the Imposters win. If they don’t then the Crew mates win. I don’t really have a specific story but I remember that I was super happy and excited for this kind of game that I kept on laughing and yelling that my parents had to come in and say if I could stay quiet since I was basically yelling at the top of my lungs.


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