10/365 My Trip To Science Camp

Hooray! This is my 10th post! For this post, I decided to talk about my trip about science camp, and I hope you all enjoy it. First of all, this happened back in 6th grade in January. January is that month when it is still cold and where it rains a lot! So of course we all brought our rain jackets and rain boots. This camp was near the woods which was really cool and pretty. Let us start with Day 0, also meaning the day we were being dropped off.

Day 0:

This was when I was able to go to school and wait for the bus to drop us off at the camp. I had my suitcase, filled with everything that I needed and we all got in the bus. By the way, the entire 6th grade group of the school went on this trip. Now, another thing that I want to talk about is the bus ride. You might be thinking that nothing interesting happens on bus rides, and you probably think that because you have never been on a bus filled with 6th graders in 2019. Every student, and I mean every student, started singing very loudly. They kept on singing different songs that came up in their heads or songs that were popular in 2019. Also known as the nursery rhyme, “Baby Shark”. I can tell that the staff, teachers and including the bus driver, were going insane, and they kept on trying to calm us down. But did we calm down? Nope. We soon made it to the destination and we all went into this big building which we will call the cafeteria. In there we all ate our lunches and then it was time to get into our cabins. I was chosen for a cabin that had a mascot which was an elephant. After that, my cabin got to meet our nature ranger. After some time we did something which I forgot, and then we had dinner which was so good! The breadsticks remind me of Olive Garden, so good! And then it was lights out. Or so you would think! Because my cabin peers wanted to make our counselor read a bedtime story. Last time I checked, I am pretty sure we weren’t 2 years old. But I think they were just doing that to joke around.

Day 1:

This was the day when we actually got to do stuff. After waking up and brushing our teeth, we all went to the cafeteria and ate our breakfast and then we went with our ranger through redwood trees and a BUNCH of leaves. We also saw a couple of banana slugs as well. I even got to kiss one. But there is one thing you should know about kissing banana slugs, don’t kiss the slug with your bare lips because it could be dangerous for the slugs’ organs and it might make your lip feel numb, so just stay cautious. Anyways, I got to be part of the banana slug club as well as the leaf tattoo club. After that we got to have a break time and we got to meet our other friends who weren’t in our cabins. After that it was getting late, so our ranger decided to do a little night walk. My cabin and another cabin went on the walk. Since it was super dark, we all had to hold each others’ backpacks so we wouldn’t get lost. Then it was time to sleep.

Day 2:

This day was interesting since we got to make little skits using our mascots. My character was someone who wanted to party all day and night. Our counselor directed our act by the way. We all practiced our lines and did our act. It was amazing and it was really fun to do. I still remember the act that my cabin did. Here’s the story, “One day, there was an elephant and a goat who wanted to have a dance battle to prove which animal is the best dancer, a guitarist came in and wanted to play music for the battle. The flutist,(me), also wanted to join in with the guitarist. And soon the dancing battle starts and the elephant and the goat danced their hearts out until they grew tired. Soon a bunny came in and wanted to make peace and turned themselves into a tree of prosperity and they all live happily ever after. The other cabin acts were also amazing. After that we got to hear a bunch of songs and we even got to hear a song called, “It’s was a piece of scat.” Which stands for poop and they sung this song a lot and I don’t know why.

Day 3:

This day was really fun since my ranger group got to go to a beach. This beach had seals in the water and we even got to make our own seals in the sand. Mine was a unicorn, I don’t know why. Anyway, there was an event that happened during the beach trip. We brought 2 Ziploc bags, one with pretzels, and one with goldfish (the snack). While we were there, we saw a seagull coming every now and then. This seagull was missing a leg but looked happy and me and my peers were all feeling bad. The seagull kept coming from time to time. But this one time that he came, he went near the pretzels and started to eat them. Me and the other people ran at the seagull to get the pretzels back from him. The seagull, knowing that he just put himself in a pickle, took the bag of pretzels in his mouth, and flew off with it. It made it to the water and we all were still trying to get the bag from the seagull. Then the seagull was probably thinking, “if I can’t have it then no one can!” and dropped the bag of pretzels into the water where the seals were. So, that good, yummy, scrumptious, crunchy bag of pretzels, is now spoiled. After that whole thing, we went back to the camp, showered and ate dinner. Also this was the second to last day of science camp.

Day 4:

This was the last day of science camp and we all were saying good bye to all of our counselors and said goodbye to the camp. A lot of people were saying how much they were going to miss the camp and how much they loved their counselors which was true since the counselors were very nice and caring. After that, I went home and got to see my family again. I really like science camp and I think if you are a kid and your school is taking people to science camp and you want to go, you should totally go because science camp is amazing and fun. We all got to see amazing things like deer tracks, banana slugs and sometimes even hear animal sounds if you really stay quiet. But this also shows how much nature is doing right now, you might think that nature is not really doing much of anything, but if you really take the time to just relax and listen to nature then you might grow a liking to it.


One thought on “10/365 My Trip To Science Camp

  1. Cool! Here in UAE, we miss natural greenery a lot. And because of this, Amna is scared of all the insects and slimy stuff you see in nature. Last 2 weeks, we went on a holiday to Austria where we had lots of fun. This time, Amna decided to turn brave and she ventured out to climb hills and mountains, touch a lot of slimy and yucky stuff, and even dared to walk among insects at times (everything in ultra slow motion as she is very cautious kind of person).

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