21/365 I Am Totally A Baking Genius

There have been times where I wanted to bake something good for just a little treat. I have made cupcakes, cookies, and that’s basically it. I haven’t made a lot of desserts or pastries, because I am not a skilled baker. My sister is the complete opposite, when she bakes, most of the time it’s perfection and they also taste really good. There were times where I almost created chaos…which would make a great story for this post!

One thing that you should do before baking any pastries, is to pre-heat your oven to whatever temperature the recipe gives. Now in my family’s oven, we have pans, sheet pans and cupcake pans, we would normally take those out so they don’t, you know, be cooked in the oven. So of course after some time, I started thinking, “Wait, did I take the pans out?” And when I looked inside the oven, the pans were just sitting there, while the oven was pre-heating. But the good thing is that it didn’t start a fire.

While that incident was dying down, I was putting my cupcake batter into my cupcake holder pans. But I forgot, two very important things. One, I didn’t spray my pan with cooking spray, meaning that the cupcakes were going to be stuck on the pan. Two, I forgot to put the cupcake liners in the little holes, to put my batter in. So I basically had to bake the cupcakes with no cupcake liners or cooking spray since it was already too late. The cupcakes turned out fine, don’t worry.

Another thing that happened was on July 4th, my family were having a little party and invited some of the neighbors and friends for a little 4th of July party. I volunteered to make the dessert, and I decided to make some 4th of July cookies, of course, it didn’t go out as planned. Since it was July 4th, I wanted to make a tie-dye icing using red, blue and white frosting. However, we didn’t have any red frosting, so we used the thing that is close to red, pink frosting. We then took blue frosting, and white frosting. But one thing that I didn’t think before was that the frosting started to mix colors, so now we have a pink, purple, blue marbled frosting. It did look pretty but it didn’t have the kind of tie-dye that I had in my head. Then I realized that I should’ve taken three small ziploc bags, fill them with one of the frostings, and put those bags into one big bag. And yes, I just realized that. And to make it worse, my cookies were rock hard, they were over baked and super hard and crunchy, but my second batch was ok and everyone liked them.

One last thing that I remember doing was almost, almost, putting an entire cup of baking powder into my cupcake batter. The recipe said to use one teaspoon of baking powder, and I was about use an entire cup of baking powder. Now, if you put too much baking powder, then your pastry will taste bitter, but it can also make your pastry rise too much in the oven, causing it to collapse. Thankfully my sister saved my cupcakes from collapsing and saved the taste. Ever since then, I have not baked anything because I don’t know anything about not creating chaos when it comes to baking. But I might bake again and hopefully I don’t set a fire.


One thought on “21/365 I Am Totally A Baking Genius

  1. I have a similar experience few months after my wedding. I was home after work and waiting for my wife to reach back from her work. I was getting hungry and decided to try cooking for the first time in my life. I put the pan on the stove, and took out a frozen burger and put it in the pan and surprisingly there was a big fire on the pan. Out of panic, and because I can’t reach the stove to put out the fire, I took some water in a cup and threw at the fire, only to see the fire get even bigger almost upto the kitchen ceiling. I finally managed to get a grip on the pan and took it out of the stove and kept it on the tiled floor to let it cool eventually. I later learnt that a) you should never place frozen items on hot surfaces directly and b) in such instances, I should take a lid and cover the fire to cut off oxygen and put out the fire, and not have thrown water which only makes the fire even bigger. All the while, I had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, which I forgot to use in the first place. Long story short, I never bothered to cook again, else I might be the one to get cooked. 😁

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