22/365 Oregon Trip Day 1

As I am writing this, I am now in Oregon. Now Oregon is really beautiful, but getting to Oregon is a real pain. My family lives in California and Oregon is right above us. We had to drive a whole nine hours just to get to Oregon. And we were not enjoying it at all, we kept on making many stops so we can go to the bathroom or to let my dog go to the bathroom. But, here is the full story.

At 5 AM, my family and I started to leave for Oregon. I was really excited since this was my first trip after quarantine. We all loaded our luggage into the car and started our road trip to Oregon. Now I didn’t know what was coming because, when it was probably 3 hours, I said if we were close, and the answer was…no. We didn’t even leave California, we were still in the state, that was when I knew that the drive was gonna be a long one. We first went to go get breakfast from McDonalds and then we ate. After that, we all just joke around and talked, just to past the time. But since we were sitting in one crammed car for several hours, we all were feeling gassy.

After sometime, we all took a quick pit stop because I had to use the bathroom. Though, when I went into the PUBLIC bathrooms, there was mold everywhere, and it smelled disgusting. It was super gross but I did my business and just ran the heck out of there. After sometime it was time for lunch, and we all went out and got Burger King. After eating for a little while, it started to rain, like really hard. Because of that, we were kinda nervous of heading to Crater Lake. While we were heading to Crater Lake, the rain started to pour harder and it was getting pretty hard to see because fog was also starting to form. 

When we went to Crater Lake, it was super chilly and cold. My family, my dog and I started to walk around the trail to see the view. The fog however, was blocking the beautiful lake. But another thing that happened was that rain started to pour, but this time harder! It was like the clouds had water in a giant jug, and all of the water started pouring out. Nice, so we are now cold, there is fog everywhere and we are all soaking wet, this day just keeps on getting difficult. 

But not all bad stuff happened during the ride. We were actually finding a bunch of animals like birds and a couple of deers. We also joked around a lot and we all laughed a lot and had a fun time. My dog was also relaxing in the car all the time. This is the 2nd time we took our dog on vacation with us, and I know she is going to have fun. I am really excited to see what will be in Oregon. I will keep you all updated.


One thought on “22/365 Oregon Trip Day 1

  1. Yeah, that’s one thing about road trips. Ol’ pal Google Maps predicts the duration assuming you will drive non-stop at the max recommended speed limits; whereas in reality, you need to take several breaks for food, loo, stretching, weather changes, and some stops to admire nature on the way… So, my estimate is the 9hr ride would have gone upto 12-13 hrs or so.

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