94/365 Teachers

Everyone has teachers. Whether it’s a teacher from your school, or your teacher is your parent, we all have had teachers growing up. If you think about it, when we were little babies who didn’t know how to do anything, our families were our teachers. Hang on, now that you think about it, life also teaches us, does that mean life is our teacher to? Anyway, let me tell you of all the teachers that I have had. Most of my teachers have been really good. Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and right now, 9th. You guys may have seen that I skipped 3rd grade. And the reason why was because that teacher was so mean and strict. When I was in 3rd grade, I was a little chatter box who wouldn’t keep quiet. Which of course means I got in trouble a lot. Now, if I talked a lot, then I would have to move my clip down a chart. Now, this teacher who we will call, 3, thinks that instead of telling me to quiet down a bit, they tell me that I am staying in their class during lunch time. And that means missing out on playing with your friends. I was probably the only person besides 2 people who stayed during lunch at the class. So yeah that teacher wasn’t a good one, but then when I moved to 4th grade, they all of a sudden became nice to me. I have another memory of this teacher and I remembered it very well. Something that was happening with only the 3rd graders was when students would go to the cafeteria every Friday, before school ended, to do a dancing game.

One Friday, my name was called along with other people, I was so happy since I actually was never able to go because according to 3, I was a bad kid. Well on that Friday my name was called, however, I heard it wrong because I was actually supposed to be in the class. So, one of the students in the class called me and said that I was supposed to be in class. And when I got back to the classroom, oh boy was the teacher mad. 3 started to shout and yell at me because in their mind, they thought that I was doing that to get out of class. When in reality, I heard my name wrong. So yeah, ever since then, I never wanted to go to school because of them.


93/365 What this year has taught me so far.

This year has already been an entire rollercoaster, and the rollercoaster isn’t nearly done. But so much has already happened, that I actually learned some stuff. As you all know from one of my post I sadly had to say goodbye to my dog Reyna due to an illness that wasn’t curable. It was pretty hard to move on. I remembered that many of my family’s friends and my friends have tried to cheer us up which helped. One unhealthy thing that I did however, was that I would completely distract myself, to forget about the passing of my dog. But now I know that it is ok to mourn the lost of my pet every now and then. The thing that is unhealthy is to bottle up your feelings. As I was healing from the event, I went back to school, where everyone cheered me up, and I auditioned for the musical called, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. I got the part Woodstock which I am really happy about. Another thing that was happening was my big project for my school was tearing away my sanity. I don’t do well under stress, and if anyone gets mad at me for doing something wrong, I feel the pressure sinking in. Nowadays I have been keeping calm and also just trying to not lose it with my teacher.

This month is also my birthday month. My birthday was on March 8th which I celebrated with only my dad and my dog. My sister was at college, and my mom is at India because of an event. This was the first birthday where the whole family wasn’t gonna be able to come. These are the lessons that I have learned so far this year.

Lesson #1: You are going to experience some sort of sadness that won’t just shake off. The day my dog passed away, I was broken and just kept myself in my room. It was also very painful to see my other family members grieving. It was especially hard on my sister, who was basically doing everything for Reyna. My sister was basically the owner of Reyna. Losing Reyna was sad, and this was just life showing me what it is like to lose someone and how to move on from that sadness.

Lesson #2: Life has its ups and downs. Life is messy and unpredictable, no one can predict what will happen in the future. The future is always gonna be a mystery, and we have to look forward to it. At the start of this year, I was at my lowest point and I was broken. I thought that this year would become better and then everything soon went downhill and I just didn’t have the strength or mindset to think positively. Which brings us to my last lesson.

Lesson #3: Always have a positive mindset. When this year started I was down, and now things are getting a little more complicated. I have been looking towards the future in a positive way which doesn’t ALWAYS helps. But, it is healthy to look forward to what the future holds. Life is a challenging thing, but, us humans were born to take challenges. Bring it on!

78/365 What really makes me angry?

Anger is an emotion that we all feel. Maybe someone said something very mean to you. Someone might’ve stole something that was very precious to you. Someone might’ve eaten the last chocolate chip cookie and drank all of the milk, even though you put up a sticky note, saying that you claimed it. Anger is sometimes good, and sometimes not. Let us see the Pros of anger. Anger might actually help you in any sort of danger, let me give you a scenario. You are in the forest and are minding your own business, just admiring nature. Suddenly, a bear jumps up and blocks you! Your mind starts racing, thinking that these were going to be the last seconds of your life, but then you remember the way that your teacher was mean to you today, and you want revenge. You take your anger out on the bear, making the bear run away. Just kidding, that only happens in cartoons.

I honestly don’t know any types of pros for anger. I do know some cons however. A bad thing about anger is that it hurts those people around your surroundings. For example, if people yell at me, or scold me, naturally my first instinct to do is cry. Anger affects everyone and not only the person that you are angry at. When you get angry at someone or something, it makes you look like an angry person and someone might also avoid you, since they might be afraid to ask you anything because of how you will react. Another thing about anger is that it creates more problems and more danger. When I went to India for a trip, my grandma showed me a video talking about anger and how it is dangerous.

There have been times where I would get mad and it wouldn’t solve anything. Anger can also lead to more problems. Anger can also make your social life suffer. Less people would want to hangout or be near you if you constantly get mad at a lot of things. When people are angry at me, I get very scared and worked up because, I think that these people are going to scar me for life. And the fact is that anger, is scary to me, even though I get angry at people too. Another thing about anger is that it completely blinds your brain and this little thing called common sense. So, now we come to the question, what makes me mad. And ladies and gentlemen, the answer is, having to take quizzes and tests for every week. That makes me mad AND annoyed.