97/365 My Summer has started!

Ah yes! My school is finally over now I don’t have to worry about grades nor essays that I have to write. I don’t have to worry about quadratic equations, or how to find the area of a cylinder. And now it is time for a whole three months worth of fun! Summer for me had started yesterday and it has been great. There really isn’t much to do since my parents still have work and my sister is about to graduate college so I am stuck with doing anything that I want to. And I spend my time by watching YouTube videos. Ha! Who cares about making content when you can watch content! I really do need to finish my next video. Meh, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Summer also means going on vacation with my family, we are thinking of going somewhere but it is still undecided. Let me tell you, my family goes hardcore when it comes for traveling. And by that I mean that we have been to so many places. Italy, India, Disney Land, Canada, Las Vegas, Oregon, LA, Washington, you name it! I mean we haven’t been all over the world but we did go to many places.

Another thing about summer is the climate. My dog recently started sun-bathing everyday. She would just sit on the deck and soak in all that hot, light goodness. So I decided to do it to, and now I actually see the joy, of course soon it gets so hot you go inside and cool down. Let’s move away from the hot side and talk about the cooler side.

In the summer, when I was really young, we would always go to my friends’ pool, but now Covid happened. Covid, is honestly everyone’s worst nightmare! But sometimes it’s ok to not be able to swim, you can also cool down by eating a delicious popsicle or ice cream. I am a big fan of ice cream, my parents of course know this because 95% of the time I would always say if we could get ice cream.

Summer is amazing and I honestly can’t wait to see what is next for my vacation! I’ll let you guys know on what happens!


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