95/365 The musical is coming together!

The musical for my school, “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” is finally going to be in production. As I have told you guys before, this musical has two casts groups. One is called the Good Griefs, and the other one, the Blockheads. I am part of the Blockheads. I am probably the youngest in that group besides one of my friends because everyone else is a sophomore or higher. I really love my cast group as well as the other cast group. Right now since we are almost in production. Us cast groups have to go our own separate ways. That meant we have to stop seeing each other in rehearsals. Sometimes we would sneak in and just say hi. With tech rehearsals, which means we will be working with the tech crew, we are told that we are staying till 9 PM.

You guys might be saying behind the screen, “Wait, Rahi, you did a play before, if there was tech rehearsals that went till 9, you have done that before, so why are you complaining now?” The main reason is because since the second semester had started back in January, I have started thinking of doing much more better at my studies. For some classes it’s working and some classes it isn’t. But I don’t want to fail all of my classes, cause I want to succeed, so I had to start focusing on studies whenever I had free period.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about the other cast group. The Good Griefs have to go to rehearsal everyday next week. On April 1st is when they will be opening. My theater teacher was also kind to my cast group and said that we got free tickets to the opening night. However, he is not being nice with the other group. I know we will find a way. I am very excited to act, sing and dance as the little bird, Woodstock. Tweet, Tweet!


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