100/365 Graduation Photos

Well, would you look at that, this my 100th post. Now, I’m not going to talk about how writing these blogs helped me, instead I’m gonna talk about a BIG event that happened literally yesterday, also this was the reason I didn’t make a post yesterday. Yesterday was the time for my sister’s graduation photos. We first had to go to Santa Cruz to her college apartment and get ready there. We also planned on going to the beach afterwards. So we decided to bring Ginger. The drive to Santa Cruz was really hot and long, so long in fact that I eventually slept. After reaching the apartment, we just relax, had some ice cream and just looked around the place. Then it was time to get ready. My sister really wanted us to wear white. Not white like all the way down but for me just a white buttoned-up shirt. We went to the college campus, took some photos and they looked great. However, for some reason I kept on feeling sleepy through out the drive to the places for the pictures. Of course that meant that I was dehydrated, so I took some water and I was good. After we were done, it was around 7:50 which means we couldn’t go to the beach. So after giving my dog food, we then changed out of our fancy clothes and got into casual clothes. My dad, mom, dog and I then went home. However, I started to notice that my dog wasn’t laying down and sleeping which felt odd, then later I see that she had threw up. We were able to clean and throw it away and when we got home, she felt much better. It was 11 at night so I decided not to write a blog post in the middle of the night. But here it is now! Soon I will be graduating high school in three years.


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