99/365 Amphibia is the best show!

Amphibia, wow. Amphibia has surpassed everyone’s expectations. For anyone who don’t know about this cartoon show that has just sky-rocketed, then let me sum it up for you. Three middle school girls named, Anne, Sasha and Marcy, steal a music box that transports them into different places in a land called Amphibia. And if it wasn’t obvious from the title, this land is filled with Amphibians. We’re talking about frogs, toads and newts. Anne soon becomes a part of this family known as the Plantar family. There is a grandpa named, Hop Pop, a tadpole named Polly, and a pink frog named Sprig The entire show is basically where Anne tries to find her friends and get back to their world safely.

I really loved this series since it had great character arch and amazing story plots as well as an on-screen death. I highly recommend watching Amphibia, and if you have Disney Plus, then you can watch there! Now let me hop out of writing this post!


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