98/365 Hosting a Ventriloquism Club

From title, you can see that I made a ventriloquism club. Well I did, back in middle school. In middle school, I realized that not many people knew about this strange act of performing arts that is called ventriloquism. I decided to make my own ventriloquism club, it was a good way for showing people a new performing art piece. The club wasn’t huge, sadly, but it did have my friends and my math teacher. However when the pandemic started, the ventriloquism club was starting to go downhill. People stopped showing up to our weekly zoom meetings and we soon didn’t have anyone coming to the club.

In 8th grade, my math teacher decided that instead of doing a ventriloquism club, we should do a performing arts club. So that is exactly what we did, and it was nice. Some friends came and gone and we ended up doing lots of games. But for me, I would always forget to show up for the meetings because it is Friday, which means I forget everything.


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