96/365 My dog Ginger

I think today I will talk about my dog Ginger! If you want to know how we got Ginger you can check my 90th post. Ginger is now 7 months old and as I am typing this she is barking crazy. My dog is a very energetic dog, she can be calm at times but those are the times where we actually have peace. Having Ginger has been a big adventure. Ginger was so calm and sweet when we got her from the shelter and now she is a living demon. Not that she is a bad dog, she can be good at times, but we still have training to do. I actually have a few stories that revolve around Ginger, here is a few.

One of Gingers’ habits is whenever somebody comes inside the house, mostly if it is a friend, she decides to instantly pee on the couch, and she always peed at the same spot, we always had to clean that up, until one time. One of my sister’s friends was coming to watch a hockey game, I had to hold Ginger back so she doesn’t jump out and run out of the house, while this happened, the friend came and Ginger tried to go to the friend but I was holding making sure she didn’t get out of the house, well I fell under her and she peed on me, and then I had to go and take a shower. But she is a puppy and she couldn’t control her excitement at that moment.

Another story that I have was when we went to Ginger’s first puppy class, we recently bought her a new collar in order to fit her little itty-bitty neck, but for some reason it was still too loose. We took the collar off to tighten the collar more, until another dog walks by, Ginger bolts to the dog but thankfully my dad catches her on time. My dog was actually nervous around other dogs but was fine with other people. Now she is great with both dogs and people.

One last story that I have was something that happened recently. Our neighbors also have a dog that would just walk in the garden, now my dog Ginger and that dog know each other. However, whenever the neighbor’s dog was outside in their backyard and Ginger was outside my backyard, she would immediately run to the gate and bark and jump, there was one time where the other dog actually growled at my dog because dog was being a ruckus.

Even though my dog can be a little bit of a pain, she is still a loving dog and is making everyone around her happy.


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