93/365 What this year has taught me so far.

This year has already been an entire rollercoaster, and the rollercoaster isn’t nearly done. But so much has already happened, that I actually learned some stuff. As you all know from one of my post I sadly had to say goodbye to my dog Reyna due to an illness that wasn’t curable. It was pretty hard to move on. I remembered that many of my family’s friends and my friends have tried to cheer us up which helped. One unhealthy thing that I did however, was that I would completely distract myself, to forget about the passing of my dog. But now I know that it is ok to mourn the lost of my pet every now and then. The thing that is unhealthy is to bottle up your feelings. As I was healing from the event, I went back to school, where everyone cheered me up, and I auditioned for the musical called, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”. I got the part Woodstock which I am really happy about. Another thing that was happening was my big project for my school was tearing away my sanity. I don’t do well under stress, and if anyone gets mad at me for doing something wrong, I feel the pressure sinking in. Nowadays I have been keeping calm and also just trying to not lose it with my teacher.

This month is also my birthday month. My birthday was on March 8th which I celebrated with only my dad and my dog. My sister was at college, and my mom is at India because of an event. This was the first birthday where the whole family wasn’t gonna be able to come. These are the lessons that I have learned so far this year.

Lesson #1: You are going to experience some sort of sadness that won’t just shake off. The day my dog passed away, I was broken and just kept myself in my room. It was also very painful to see my other family members grieving. It was especially hard on my sister, who was basically doing everything for Reyna. My sister was basically the owner of Reyna. Losing Reyna was sad, and this was just life showing me what it is like to lose someone and how to move on from that sadness.

Lesson #2: Life has its ups and downs. Life is messy and unpredictable, no one can predict what will happen in the future. The future is always gonna be a mystery, and we have to look forward to it. At the start of this year, I was at my lowest point and I was broken. I thought that this year would become better and then everything soon went downhill and I just didn’t have the strength or mindset to think positively. Which brings us to my last lesson.

Lesson #3: Always have a positive mindset. When this year started I was down, and now things are getting a little more complicated. I have been looking towards the future in a positive way which doesn’t ALWAYS helps. But, it is healthy to look forward to what the future holds. Life is a challenging thing, but, us humans were born to take challenges. Bring it on!


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