15/365 Sports

Sports and I, don’t really have a connection. I have never been one of those sporty people who will keep on talking about sports or the ones that would watch sports with my family. My family, I wouldn’t say that they are big fans of sports but they do like watching games. Yet the only sport game that I watched was hockey with my sister. My parents would always try to make me watch more sports but I was never interested in them. Ever since 3rd grade, my parents decided to make me do some sports to see if I will grow a liking to it. The first sport I remember playing was soccer, and like everyone else, I eventually found it ok. I wasn’t someone who wanted to become a soccer player or any sport player really. I ended up growing distant from the sport. After that I was just a normal kid running around and playing with my friends. I played other sports that I soon dropped out but those aren’t important, what is important are the sports that I still like to this day.

In P.E., we would always play capture the football. Now this game was really fun and I wish that I can still play it to this day. For those who haven’t played capture the football, basically how it works is simple. First, two random people will be the team captains and will choose people to be in their team. Secondly, when the teams are made, then all of the players wear colored belts to represent their team. Each team has two footballs in a hula hoop and the teams will try to steal all of the opposing teams’ footballs. Thirdly, if either side has no footballs then that team loses, or which ever team has the most footballs when time runs out, then that team will win. But there is one catch in this game.

If you go into another teams’ side, then you will have to run for your life since the other players on the opposing side will come charging after you to snatch your belt. This will make you scared and run to the other side. But if you aren’t scared then you will run pass them and try to snatch the balls and bring them back to your own side. If your belt get snatched, then you will be forced to go into the jail zone. If other people join you, then you all will create a chain, the only way to get out of jail is for one of your team members to tag the chain to free you all. I have always loved this game because it adds a bunch of excitement and will get the adrenaline rolling. I have tried to steal balls but yet I always fail, but it is good that you at least try, you should at least try out for sports and if you don’t like it then that is fine, it is always fun to go outside to play some sports or to just run around and feel great.


One thought on “15/365 Sports

  1. Amna enjoys basketball and karate. I have never been a sports guy either, but like to play badminton if possible. And I enjoy playing cricket with kids, coz that’s the only time I get to be the hero in the game.

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