24/365 Oregon Trip Day 3

This day was filled with many events, so in this post, I will be telling you all the events. First off, a day hasn’t started without eating some French Toast with syrup. After that, my family, and I went to Portland where they had a massive bookstore, and there were many books, genres and choices, but the two times that we went in, we came out with nothing. But all of the books looked interesting, after that, we all felt very hungry so we went to eat at a restaurant called, “Screen Door”, and the food there was so delicious and the employees were very kind and nice. So I give it a 5 star rating…if I had Yelp.

After that delicious lunch, my mom and I were craving something sweet, so we decided to go and try a doughnut place called, “Voodoo Doughnut”. They had all sorts of options, like ones with M&Ms, sprinkles, and other yummy flavors and toppings. I chose just to get one with sprinkles, and my mom got a Coconut Guava Colada. They tasted really good and I also would give it a 5 star rating, if I had Yelp that is!!!!! After that, my family and I decided to go to the Rose Garden, and it was really pretty and beautiful. My dog Reyna was also having fun and smelling all of the flowers and seeing all of the people walking around. But one thing was that…it was hot, like really hot. Because of that, she laid on the dirt and roll around in the grass a lot.

Soon, after we went to the Rose Garden, we then went to the car and were on our way for Multnomah Falls. When we made it to the water fall sight, it was amazing, so beautiful and the way how it fell from the cliff into the pond was oddly satisfying in a weird way. We took a bunch of pictures and then it was time to head home. But first, let’s get some ice cream. We got some ice cream and coffee, then made our way to the gift shop, where we found two very cute magnets for Portland, and for Multnomah Falls. After that we headed home and we all were really tired from the excitement of going to many places. We ordered pizza, ate some, and freshened up. And now I am writing this post. I hope you guys liked this post and I bet tomorrow will be cooler, and I will keep you all updated.


22/365 Oregon Trip Day 1

As I am writing this, I am now in Oregon. Now Oregon is really beautiful, but getting to Oregon is a real pain. My family lives in California and Oregon is right above us. We had to drive a whole nine hours just to get to Oregon. And we were not enjoying it at all, we kept on making many stops so we can go to the bathroom or to let my dog go to the bathroom. But, here is the full story.

At 5 AM, my family and I started to leave for Oregon. I was really excited since this was my first trip after quarantine. We all loaded our luggage into the car and started our road trip to Oregon. Now I didn’t know what was coming because, when it was probably 3 hours, I said if we were close, and the answer was…no. We didn’t even leave California, we were still in the state, that was when I knew that the drive was gonna be a long one. We first went to go get breakfast from McDonalds and then we ate. After that, we all just joke around and talked, just to past the time. But since we were sitting in one crammed car for several hours, we all were feeling gassy.

After sometime, we all took a quick pit stop because I had to use the bathroom. Though, when I went into the PUBLIC bathrooms, there was mold everywhere, and it smelled disgusting. It was super gross but I did my business and just ran the heck out of there. After sometime it was time for lunch, and we all went out and got Burger King. After eating for a little while, it started to rain, like really hard. Because of that, we were kinda nervous of heading to Crater Lake. While we were heading to Crater Lake, the rain started to pour harder and it was getting pretty hard to see because fog was also starting to form. 

When we went to Crater Lake, it was super chilly and cold. My family, my dog and I started to walk around the trail to see the view. The fog however, was blocking the beautiful lake. But another thing that happened was that rain started to pour, but this time harder! It was like the clouds had water in a giant jug, and all of the water started pouring out. Nice, so we are now cold, there is fog everywhere and we are all soaking wet, this day just keeps on getting difficult. 

But not all bad stuff happened during the ride. We were actually finding a bunch of animals like birds and a couple of deers. We also joked around a lot and we all laughed a lot and had a fun time. My dog was also relaxing in the car all the time. This is the 2nd time we took our dog on vacation with us, and I know she is going to have fun. I am really excited to see what will be in Oregon. I will keep you all updated.

20/365 Hawaii Trip

When I was in 3rd grade, it was a normal summer and my family and I were deciding on where we should go for our next vacation. Toronto? Georgia? Las Vegas? Then we came up with a place, Hawaii. This was the first time that we went on a tropical vacation. Hawaii is very pretty and the water is also very elegant. So we decided to book tickets to Hawaii and take a relaxing vacation. I don’t remember what happened for all the days, but I do remember some events that happened. We picked the island Maui in Hawaii…and it was absolutely gorgeous.

One thing that my family and I got to see was the hotel. Our hotel was very big and it was literally next to the beach, so we always got to see the beautiful water and also some of the waves. Our hotel was also near a swimming pool, which meant we could play in the pool and the beach. I also got to try some shaved ice. Shaved ice is…well shaved ice, and you also get to pick one ice cream flavor. After that, you have some shaved ice that is drizzled with some fruit sauces like grape, pineapple and much more. It was really good and it was also very refreshing to take a break from the heat.

There were many stuff that we wanted to do but we couldn’t because I was such a little kid. There was an activity that involved zip lining and I really wanted to try it, but I couldn’t because I was too young. You see adults, that is one thing that we kids don’t like, there are specific types of stuff that we children can’t do because we are too young. But one other thing that my mom, sister and dad did was go scuba diving. Now you might be wondering what I was doing, I was watching all of them swim. When I was young, I had no idea how to swim and was very scared of deep water. So I just stood to the side and watched everyone else swim. But there was a time when I tried to swim, but I just couldn’t since I couldn’t swim, and the water was freezing cold. My sister claims that the water was really warm but I disagree. But overall, Hawaii was fun and beautiful, I do recommend going to Hawaii if your able to. Actually, a lot of people this year are going to Hawaii. But honestly, it’s summer and it’s time for you to go for a vacation. So what are you waiting for, go have your relaxing vacation!

1/365 Starting My Writing Project

This my first blog post after a long time and I wanted to talk about how the quarantine summer vacation is going…..it’s going…..alright. Really I feel bored since there is nothing much to do and since we all still have to stay home and watch nothing but Netflix and YouTube 1,000,000 times.

Even though California is open and out of lockdown, it still feels like we are at the BEGINNING of the pandemic. I am really hoping that we will soon go out without masks. When school was online, it was very challenging. The teachers gave us more homework than usual, because according to them we have nothing better to do. And the answer was that we did have more important things to do. I have graduated from middle school 4 weeks ago and I am now stuck in summer vacation.

Since I can’t go anywhere, I have been doing my own things like working on animation and singing. I have been getting better and I have been planning on YouTube videos and I have been trying to stay in contact with my friends. I will soon go on a trip to Oregon! I am really excited to go on the first vacation ever after lockdown. And yes you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I do Singing Ventriloquism. Here is the Link

As my vacation is coming to an end, i have been wondering on what to expect for high school. All I know is that the teachers will assign homework on the weekends but that’s all. So I am really nervous but also excited because i am going to a school that has many performing arts opportunities.